Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miracles do happen.

I went surfing today at Hookipa and had a blast (and Tavares last week but I only have a witness and no text as proof)!

Danny owns a brilliant cafe.

Our lives change but the beauty of rainbows...

.....and sunsets are constant.

Oh and I now own a watch......something I've not done in about 20 years. It tells the tides.


Leedslass said...

I need the first photograph explaining but, there again, that won't surprise you!
Wise to have chums who have good jobs, you never know when you need a freebie meal.
The rainbow and sunset are, as always, beautiful.
Welcome to the world of watches, they're really useful, just try not to lose this one in the sea!!!

Leedslass said...

Apologies to Danny, I see he owns the foodie place - keep in with him if ever you need a change of job your HCIMA could come in useful.

Mchumbie said...

Does Danny do English tea? Tell him to stock up for February.

Sharon said...

Ma: My watch was Michelle recommended and as she is the 'go-to' girl with all her R & D in the waterproof watch field- I feel confident I won't lose it in the water. Loss due to owner malfunction on land however is another story.

Mchumbie: Ya know, I'm not sure-but I'll ask and lookout as we could easily be setting you up in the import trade! You'll have to use Gordon as you're tea mule!!

Dave said...

Good to see Danny has cafe on the right side of the road, will be enjoying his delicacies in July next year, tell him to stock up on Vegemite

Meesh said...

Watches, hookipa...! Crikey what is next?!!

PG tips mum, but you are always welcome to bring your own brew. It's like coronation street cafe every morning with the english gathering, except in a nicer place :)

Mchumbie said...

Cafe sounds great. Save me a seat.