Friday, October 28, 2011

A busy week.

Having surfed and attended a yoga class, my day was already an eight. So when I got the invite from Mel to come and eat lunch prepared by a private chef and launch from his house...well it jumped to a ten.

And talking of jumping, I had to before rigging up!

Team Italia & Team Swiss are in town and Renata's birthday was a perfect excuse to congregate and appreciate.

Doh! I didn't take this grasshopper pici (I wish), but it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I didn't take this one either and it was forwarded to me with the comment "one of your friends I'm sure", again, I wish!

The third and final pici I didn't take was this one forwarded by Meesh. Here's the story morning glory. More shocking is that this beautiful photo was taken with Ulli's iphone!

It's a tradition to have a pre halloween party pici taken in Ulli and Michelle's kitchen.

Gotta have the contrast before things go quickly down hill!

And finally, spot the windsurfing pioneer!


Leedslass said...

As always, a super set of pictures and "each one tells a story" as they say.
What a pity Meesh always lets her ladylike self down by having a bottle in her hand:-)
You look a bit like Princess Beatrice and THAT HAT at The Wedding.
Poor boat, lucky passengers.

Mchumbie said...

I love the fact that nearly 3000 people diverted to help the yacht.