Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend summation.

My walking on water skills are coming along nicely, my tan (on the other hand) is not.

My life is divided into 'up the hill' and 'down the hill'. It's bizarre Maui-speak, that when you live here often explains why you won't be attending a scheduled event "Uffff I'm so sorry I can't make it, I'm knackered and am already up the hill" the reverse of course works just as well. This is normally met with knowing comprehension and sincere understanding.

That being said.....I was heading down the hill and pulled off to snap the late evening sunrays.

It was worth the trip as I attended a delightful soiree to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Tamara Katz store. The tango demonstration was a hit, leaving those of use without Argentinean blood (OK me) slightly envious of the sensual and dramatic dance floor rhythms.

Even Ms.Katz's husband (aka the lovely and talented Francisco Goya) showed us his Buenos Aires home town moves.

Switching countries to Venezuela, Diony gets this afternoons vote for one of the best set of obliques, blimey mate not too shabby. Meanwhile, the reason Diony and all of us were at the beach was this....

Sir Jeffrey Henderson had organized all of us that love his Superfreak sails to come to the beach and play. The lack of wind didn't seem to phase anyone and gave rise to this magnificent spectacle. Plus, Jeff had graciously organized nosh and bevies for everyone at his pad just down the beach, which is a slice of ocean front perfection.

Post lunch Tammo and buddy head out - double Dutch style.

The beach walk back to my car was just as enjoyable as the rest of the day. What a lucky bastard I am!


Rayburn said...

Funny you went to Tamara's soiree. Pio asked me to come too...If I would still work with Francisco I would have seen you there! :)

Tulsa Gentleman said...

You are lucky to live in paradise, but generous in sharing it with us.

Sharon said...

Alex: We'll bump into each other one of these days, only two degrees of separation (or so it seems) on Maui.

TG: Even after twenty years I quite often have moments of pinching myself - that this is where I live. I am supremely appreciative and always happy to share.

cammar said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post as usual but I take exception to the last entry. Tone and I married on 3 October 1956 and you weren't born until 28 January 1961 THEREFORE, call yourself what you will, but bastard is definitely incorrect.

Mater xx
Did you get the chance to trip the light fantastic and have a go at the tango?

Lano said...

Some lovely Maui images there Sharon,

6 weeks and counting!

We too live up a hill and are always taken aback when people say we live in the sticks (ie in the hills, far far away) but we are only 10-15 minutes form our city centre, 10-15 minutes from our local sailing beach. The world is getting smaller by the day, yet we are all getting further away from each other......