Thursday, January 08, 2009


I really like this pic that my bro took and I notice I always call him 'bro' in my scribblings.

Here are a few of my reasons, beginning with his actual name which is Redvers. So first ‘Red’ implies he's a ginger and he’s not (see proof above). It’s also a bit of a hick name here in the US and he’s not that either! Finally as his name is unusual everyone gets the 'Red' bit correct but they always screw up the 'vers'. So here’s my handy guide in case you ever come across another Redvers on your travels. Pronounce the 'vers' like ‘vurs’ or even ‘vuz” but definitely not ‘fuss' with a mysterious ‘f’ thrown in as it’s commonly mispronounced - Redfers! Anyway.....where was I......oh yes posting on the blog.

Here's one of my bro's pici's from one of our park walks.......he's learning!

Lano (after correcting my spelling) in a previous post reminded me of this ridiculous article I read when I was home. Good grief, what is the world coming to when a teacher can't mark a paper with red pen for fear of offending her students? It's a bunch of bollocks and I'm with the traditionalists on this one, barmy is right..........and for the record any one can correct my work in any color (or colour) they like.

My favorite (or favourite) Christmas gift was waiting for me when I got home was a woodbine smoking baby, spectacularly inappropriate. Thanks F & M, you never cease to amuse.


Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, I enjoyed that post. FYI out there Red was named after his grandfather who, in turn, was named after General Sir Redvers Buller. Both bro and sis (it's catching) were named after their parent/grandparents so each have three names Charles Edward Redvers and Sharon Anne Victoria. We had to stop at two offspring as we ran out of names!!!!!

As always, a stupidly silly gift from F & M - hope they like your equally silly present!

Mater x

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Sharon, is that your SX10 you are holding? Quite a lens for a digital camera.

Sharon said...

It's 20x optical which is great for static objects and challenging for moving ones!