Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pennies, People, Peacocks and Presidents.

I randomly found a machine at the supermarket that will count all my loose, furry, tainted, sticky old change, so I'll feed the hungry beast this week. I'm sure it will extract it's pound of flesh from my stash, but it will be worth it just to have my water jug back and a few extra bucks in my pocket. Any guesses as to what I'll walk away with?

I spent part of my Wednesday hanging out with good friends cooking, eating and chatting. It was no hardship at all given that this was the garden. When I saw this photo it made me think how many millions of people don't even get to see this kind of a view in their whole life (or for that matter have that many pennies in the jar). Case in point, look at this poor cow.

Straddle it, swing on it, climb it, jump on it, sit on it, pose on it, what can I say-they did it all, boys will be boys. I was happily watching all of this post vertigo, which I'd had for over a week. I was cured by the Epley Maneuver within two days. So pass it on to any one who experiences the room spinning effects of too much alcohol without having drunk a drop!

....and talking of seeing double how about this two headed peacock?

It's a new day, it's a new dawn and as a non believer I thank God we have a new President.


cammar said...

20 bucks!

Anonymous said...

I thought $37 and you are quite right, that's far too nice a jug to put coins in.

Loved the boy tree and the two-headed peaccock. The THP would be loved by Dr Dolittle - a new species for him to learn their language!

On a personal note I say God bless Mr Epley for discovering his manoeuvre for vertigo. Hope it works for you - it's unfair being dizzy without having had a good night out.

England is overjoyed at President Obama's election - let's hope the man can do something to help the world. My newspaper made the comment "remember Obama is a man, not superman". A very good down-to-earth comment.

Mater xx

Sharon said...

I'll know today and am stepping in the middle at $25.

Sharon said...

Bloody hell $117!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean it belongs to me cos I was the nearest?

I'm always gobsmacked when I count up my loose change that I have thrown into a pot. The hardest part is being like the queen in her counting house, counting out her money :-) As you know, I changed my last "count up" into money stamps and it's still waiting to be spent - sadly, towards the car insurance more than likely.

Mater x