Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some say.....

Some say that The Stigs scrotum actually generates a small gravity field (plagiarised) and that has a twin sister who lives on Maui. 

Just a heads up, I'm going to sprinkle this post with photo's where you can pause and take a breather, otherwise it might be a bit much all in one fell swoop!

All the laughs were in our birthday boys honor. Sid's a cracking chap and his lovely Mrs. did the honors of throwing him a surprise party with a UK theme. Nice one Ashley!

Here's our lad posing a bit too comfortably with some more of his guests. I think the loo adds a nice touch, so I left it in.

Commercial break....what's new puddy tat?

Ian cooked a cracking dinner with what he thought was plenty of nosh for everyone. However, when he came up short on the sausages, it later became painfully obvious why. The blow up sheep (while ever such a kind gift) was of course horribly abused!

Oh look at the lovely church....let's take a moment and enjoy the scenery shall we?

Meanwhile......back at the party (and talking of scenery) the sheep had become a hero and so had Ulli in his mankini!

Whoa Stig, steady on there old boy, I think you being there is gift enough!

awwwwwwwwww, don't ya hate when that happens an just when the program was getting good!


Lano said...

and if you wanted the uncensored version of this post, simply sign up to be Sharons friend on Facebook, those images will take a while to be erased from my mind young lady!! oh lordy!

Sharon said...

You should have been there, that sheep coulda been yours!

Lano said...

Sheep are more at home in the company of our friends across the gutter

Anonymous said...

You make a good Stigette BUT, did people know who you were? I'm also fascinated as to what is British about golden trunks?

Now, in fear and trepidation, (and hoping for a good giggle) I'm going to have a look at your Facebook - OMG what have you posted for all the world to see?


Anonymous said...

LOL I thought it was funny that Mater was asking what is British about Golden Trunks? But did not mention the Mankini... like it is perfectly British? Or is it?
By the way any more pics of the mankini!

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to imply that the mankini was British (apart from its asociation with Sacha Baron Cohen) BUT I still don't understand about the golden trunks.
I feel I'm missing something here or maybe it's an age thing?

Mater x
Those are RUDE pictures, no wonder Lano was shocked - I thought you grew out of that phase several years ago but, alas, I'm wrong again.

Sharon said...

Some blokes wear boxers, some tighty whiteies, some go commando and then there are those who are comfortable in gold larme! Mater; fret not you're not missing the boat, it was all just for a laugh.

Anon: Plenty more mankini pics...but not that I'll post via the blog!

Anonymous said...

Gold lame's dead posh - I'm right impressed :-)

It's the way you're kneeling at his crotch in wonder, love and awe that made me ask if there was something special lurking.

This old tree shakes some odd apples.