Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your honor roll.

You don’t have to go far off the beaten path to find something (or someone) quirky on Maui. Here's one such item that's been a fixture here for as long as I can remember, but it’s certainly grown in stature since my last drive by.

The wood fence and stone wall at my house pale in comparison to this mighty feat of creativity. Very impressive.

Lucky for everyone, there are fruit and flower stands everywhere around the Island. I had randomly stopped by to take snaps of this one when a truck pulled up with the sign ‘Maui Photo Safari’ on the side. Expecting a pile of tourists to jump out and snap the very same fruit stand, I thought ‘blimey I must have a good eye’…..but the driver just casually strolled up, put his money in the tube and bought his fruit. Busted by my own ego again!

The thing I love about these stands is that it’s all on the honor system. There’s always a box of some description for the money, a hand written price list and the rest is left up to customer discretion.

Flower power perfection in a plastic bucket.


Anonymous said...

These pictures look as though they're taken on the road to Hana - am I correct?

Love the fancy fencing, I'm tempted to add "only in Maui".

Mater x

charlie said...

I've seen these fruit stands in Devon too, except there they sell butternut squashes adn root veggies..

Sharon said...

Mater; Now you can write 'only in Maui and Devon'!

Charlie; Butternut squash are my fave's. Oil, chili pepper, S & P and in the oven for half an hour, yum. WTF-chuck in some root veggies from the same stand and dinner is done!

azuldeultramar said...

Uh! what a fence!!!

If I ever come back to Maui I have to go there :O