Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jackson chameleon

I was weeding my garden this morning and use a few old trash cans to hold the rubbish. I went to fetch one and look who I found inside! I said out loud “oh my word you’re a beauty”, I was as excited as any little kid would be.

He's a young male and must have fallen into the can. There was no way he could have got out by himself, I also think he must have been there a while because he's quite thin.

Jacksons were accidently introduced into Hawaii in 1972 and are pretty common here, though I haven't seen one around the property in a while. Eduational bit: They use their eyes independently & sit completely still watching for a prey item to cross their path. When one is spotted, both eyes will converge and it will sway a bit to better its vision and to confirm the distance to the meal. Prey is captured by projecting the tongue, which is one and a half times the lizard's length & can reach full length in a sixteenth of a second. NICE!

Off he goes........
Don't worry I didn't leave him on the deck, I got a stick & carried him to a tree as I'm sure he was starving. I was so happy to spend some time with this little fellow :)

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cammar said...

Terrific photos, Sharon!
With your last three posts, you have almost reached the level of my blog... :-)))