Monday, June 26, 2006

Camp Hana.

Timber....... on the way to Red Sands beach everything ends up in the ocean, including this tree & the gravestones from the cemetry above.

After their European dive-off, look how happy are Giampaolo and Michelle are in their blue lagoon.
Not content with her previous performance, here's Michelle with her specialty....a backward Crompton with a full hair flip.....9.5 from the British judge
Peter took us upstream for a late afternoon pool swim. The daredevils (that's all these fuckers except me) got in touch with their monkey genes swinging, back flipping, bombing & belly flopping on the rope swing. I on the otherhand breast stroked around in circles and worked on my tan! Coming along nicely don't ya think?
Our commute home....
Full service camping. Peter brought his shisha, what a delightfully civilized way to enjoy an after dinner smoke.
To be continued...........

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