Sunday, June 06, 2010

60 years young.

There's turning 60....and celebrating turning 60 in style, which is what we did for my friend Ray last night. The invite came with directions; "The theme, is surprise! ... the 60s", and as Mr.and Mrs. Masters don't do things by halves it was time to get creative. Twister came out in 1966, my glue gun and scissors came out the night before last.

The English World Cup footy squad of 1966, met Elvis who was on vacation in Hawaii and a local Paia Hippie, for a beer in Ulli and Michelle's kitchen.

Ray and Viv's house was (as usual) turned into a club and as part of the decor, the birthday boy Andy Warholed himself and his dog Sevin for the occasion.

Ray is first and foremost an artist, but with music being another true love he's also a fabby DJ.

Mean while, back on the dance floor, right hand-left boob, left-hand-right hip...

That's quite a front room transformation....

.....and Elvis has not left the building.

At 12:45 am and feeling like Danny LaRue, it was time to peel off the eyelashes and fire up the a pressure washer to get off the industrial strength eye liner. In comparison to the birthday boy I'm an amateur as bed could not come soon enough.... and I'm not even 50.


Leedslass said...

I didn't recognise the child of my loins in the first shot - brilliant dress-up costume - well done you. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Fun at a price....I was a sloth all the next day :-(

Meesh said...

Fab costume Shaz, top marks as always - when does "I'll be twister" pop into your head??!!! Top night also, we rolled in at 3am, 12 hours ahead of Danny, who rolled in at 3pm on Sunday, still sleepless & partying. I'm just too young for all that! I'm taking the week off, and will resume my beer consuming during Saturday's arse kicking footy match.

Mchumbie said...

A great night I think!
Sharon, you definitely missed your calling - you should be a dress maker, though there may not be too much demand for clothes stuck with a glue gun.

Leedslass said...

Mchumbie: I don't know if Sharon actually made the dress - I don't remember her having those sort of sewing skills when she was younger.
However, all might have changed with age as her Grandmother (my Mum) made all my clothes so, maybe, she's picked up some latent talent that certainly bypassed me!

Sharon said...

urmmm Meesh, I think it's an 8:30am kick off, so I'm not sure cracking a beer with your bacon butty will work. Wait a minute......I forgot we'll be at the Embassy!

Mchumbie: I'm can't sew a button on, but give me a glue gun and anything can happen. I even glued by sewing badge on my Girl Guide uniform!

Mater: Dress $5, Twister game $17, outcome...priceless!