Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh she's football crazy, she's football mad.

With only one main road from Lahaina to the airport, you don't want to be on the Lahaina side of the road with a flight to catch when a brush fire kicks in. There was many a pouty traveller in such a predicament last week, as they had to close Honoapiilani Hwy due to the wind that kicked up the smoke, fanned the fire and encouraged it to jump across the road.

Meanwhile.....back in the cheap seats there were no problems with anyone getting to Danny, Ian and Scotties for the USA v England footie match. To say we were a sober crowd would be decidedly misleading. While I brewed the tea, the majority of punters cracked open the Newcastle Brown & Bud for the 8:30am start.

I admit it, I've got a touch of World Cup fever. If proof were needed and (like the sad little fan I am) knowing who was on the cover, today I purchased this months Vanity Fair mag. I rifled through the pile in the store until I found a perfect non manhandled copy and post purchase, sat in my truck like a smitten teenager devouring the cover (and what a cover it is) for waaaaaaaaay longer than necessary.

Ohhhhhhh HELLO, there's more! That lucky cow Annie Liebervitz......except I can't believe they included Muntari in the second double page spread. IMHO he's a dirty, mean player that I hope gets sold from Inter Milan so I don't have to watch him next season.

I shoulda been sailing.....but with an article that begins "Look, can we get this straight, right from the get-go, from the first whistle: It's football, O.K.? Football not soccer. It's never been soccer." What's a girl to do but scarf down every word?

Yes, yes I know & then go sail.....but I was pooped from my morning SUP sesh so went home for an old lady nap instead. So sad.

Of course the biggest game on the planet is a gift to advertising agencies and I have to say the back cover ad is pure genius. If you want another word from our sponsors and are not one of the fifteen million peeps to have seen this, check out the WC Nike Ad.

Tonight, Spain v Switzerland with my fave ref Howard Webb from Rotheham......with apologies if you're losing the will to live.


Lano said...

With games starting at 8.30pm and then carrying on until 4am the next morning, I am starting to resemble a zombie. To be honest, the football hasnt been all together very inspiring, I seem to have watched many games, got to the final whistle and said to myself, 'I reckon I could have played better than that!' - I blame Jubalani!

Bought myself a vevuzela today toot toot!

See you in two weeks, coming over for a Barbie?

Sharon said...

I concur Lano.......can we blame the new ball?
Tell me you didn't really buy one of those bloody annoying bee mating callers...

I'm in for the barbie, unless of course there's a game on!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Even your old Ma's bought into the football madness - even when it's some country I know nothing about -I have to channel hop "just in case" something is happening!

Dad would have gone beresk (beserk to outsiders) at all this bloody noisy nonsense!!!!!

To play or not to play Green in goal - ah, that is the question.
Everything is crossed for tonight's match.

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I was still half asleep when I wrote that - tonight is golf from Pebble Beach FRIDAY is the England match. Worry not Sharon, I'm fairly sure my problem is old age rather than dementia!!!!!

Mchumbie said...

I was going to send some English car flags to Meesh for her truck, but then decided that by the time a parcel reached Maui we'd probably be out of the running, so didn't bother. After Friday's match I think I did the right thing.