Sunday, November 01, 2009

Friends gone wild.

'Pubes gone wild' was the official name Michelle's absolute genius costume. (Mchumbie let me know if this one makes the Meesh file?)!

Not to be out done, Ulli (in an effort to regain his long lost youth) rigged his penis (the fake one) to rise and fall upon request.....which it did all night with the gusto of an 18 year old! We laughed our tits off, in fact Michelle literally did just that by losing a boob half way through the evening. Later it was rumored to have been seen lurking in one of the ladies loo's of our Paia pub crawl!

In a homage to Joe, one of Maui's favorite characters, Cheyenne blew kisses and boxed love around Paia, receiving an appreciative (and unprecedented) round of applause from the patrons at Milagro's. Some teenagers also heckled him and a random woman broke the ends of his cross, so next year he's vowed to dress as Ulli did this one!

I had stitched together a creative costume and stood admiring it (and myself) in the mirror all week. However, I made a fatal beginner mistake and neglected to road test said costume and as it was made out of CD's realized at the 11th hour I would not be able to drive or sit down in it! So I pulled out an old faithful from a few years ago and will start R & D earlier next year!

It's hard to say which Ashley is more afraid of, the birds or the baby?

The scariest thing of all however is this......


Anonymous said...

I LOL at Ulli's "costume" - it was a costume wasn't it?????

Mchumbie, what a well-endowed daughter you produced :-)

Mater x

Rayburn said...
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Rayburn said...

GREAT COSTUMES! LOVE IT! I saw them with their bathrobes walking in Paia..but never imagined what we could find underneath the robe! LOL!
Anyway, as usual, your pictures and comments are Great!

mchumbie said...

Just when I thought they'd finally grown out of adolescence!
Anne - very diplomatic of you not to comment on my son-in-law's costume. I can't believe they weren't arrested!

Sharon said...

Mchumbie: "Arrested", why no....they were applauded!