Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's here!

Having checked on craigslist every day for six months for a used mountain bike, I finally said "stuff it" and ordered a new one. Having not trail ridden in years, I gingerly snuck into the Makawao forest for the inaugural ride.

I took it easy, not only so my body could get used to the hydraulic disc breaks and dual suspension, but also because I'd slung my trusty camera on my back. At a sunny spot a few miles in to the loamy trail, I took a moment to catch my breath and shoot some pici's of my new bike. I worked it from every angle lovingly snapping away, oblivious to the two hikers that showed up! They said nothing-so I matched them saying nothing in return, but inwardly felt a twinge of embarrassment at being caught indulging in such an doting pastime. I put my lens cap on, my ear buds in, clipped my shoes into my pedals and cycled away wanting distance and solitude so I could enjoy my maiden ride without feeling self conscious.

I breathed in the changing scenery of the forest, enjoying the mercurial terrain beneath my wheels that went from leaves to mud to branches to packed dirt and back to leaves again.

After peddling for a while I jumped off again to appreciate the dappled light. While the forest caught my attention for a while, one glance at my bike had me snapping away once more and caught up in the bliss of the day. Then bugger me, if I didn't look up again to see the same two hikers walking my way, busted again! For the second time in half an hour I put my lens cap on, my ear buds in, clipped my shoes into my pedals and stealthily cycled away.


Lano said...

That is one sexy bike! Very new and shiny, hurry up and get it dirty, also, the front quick release, make sure its flush against your shocks, would hate for your to have it come loose from a stick and release your front wheel!

Sharon said...

Bloody hell, good tip Lano I'll check it out tonight. Gotta love the highly practical white frame and saddle!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Cool looking bike. I used to do a lot of bicycle touring but never any off-road biking. That looks like it will do the job. Don't worry about the hikers. They were probably looking for a place to screw and had very little interest in your bicycle photo shoot. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Now why didn't I think of what those two hikers were thinking of doing? There's me assuming it was sheer coincidence that paths crossed on the inaugural bike ride.

Bikes have changed slightly since my day of drop-handle-bar Raleigh cycle but I thought I was a cool dude. Haven't a clue what Lano is talking about but I'm sure it's sound advice!!!!

Sorry, but brakes are on a bike - bones are what you break! Take care.

Mater x

P.S. loved the fungal photo.

Sharon said...

TG: LOL-Wash your mouth out with soap!

Mater: I still can't picture you on a bike, got any proof in the archives?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chuck, you'll just have to take my word for it that I REALLY WAS A MEMBER OF CTC (cyclists' touring club) AND RODE ALL THE WAY TO SCARBOROUGH AND BACK over two days. The only proof I have is a scar on my knee where a wingcap went into the flesh when I fell off. Not sure if that's the correct expression but it's wing something, anyway, that fastens the wheels on.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Nice bike and as Lano says "sexy".
Let's try what follows

Rayburn said...

Love the bike! I want now a new one too and spend some more time in the Makawao forest..

Sharon said...

Mater: No worries I always wear a helmet.

Anon: Road bike chicks rule!

Alex: In the meantime rent one and come up the hill!