Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pilgrim's progress.

Thanksgiving Eve saw massive surf that woke up the beast that is Jaws. I missed all the action due to work (why oh why can't these fronts come in on my days off?), but I received a nice consolation prize of a broody sunset at Hookipa.

The next day my mates Danny, Ian and Scotty hosted their classic annual Thanksgiving Day Paia Bay Invitational. These guys put a lot of juicy mojo into setting up a proper loosey goosey surf contest. There are of course rules, one of which is the judges must start drinking beer at 10:00am sharp!

Being spineless and crap at surfing, I fell into the professional spectator category (as did these people).

Ulli on the other hand is neither spineless nor afraid of big waves. This heady manouver (profuse apologies for the painful pun) advanced him to the second heat. (Pici nicked from Nayra Alonso).

It was not enough however to beat gorgeous ripper Tatiana (I think you can tell which one she is) who, despite not flashing her boobs was this years worthy winner.

Doggy style.

While I was enjoying the Wednesday evening sunset, Keevil-Wilson and Hayward Entertainment were digging an imu pit and sticking a Turkey and Ham in it for the post event soiree. What a fun night and probably the most delicious Turkey I've ever had. Standing O gents for all your effort and energy for (not only) putting on a surf competition, but feeding us all afterwards! Kitchen stats: 8 beautiful Brits, 1 wild Yugoslavian, 1 Frenchy frog, 1 Swiss Miss and just for the hell of it, 4 damn Yanks! (pici nicked from Danny Keevil).


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Gorgeous sunset picture - what a sky. You'd be totally miffed if you were here, we cannot see the sky for the rain. My webbed toes are coming in handy:-)

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: We watched Chelsea v Arsenal last night and it was pissing it down during the match. Think sunny thoughts and if it helps, it's raining here too today.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Beautiful sky. You people all look so healthy over that. Must be the fresh air and beer.

Mchumbie said...

Thanks for the pics of my kids at play. I hear it was a great Thanksgiving, as usual. I would love to try some turkey cooked in the imu pit ....Maybe next March??