Saturday, November 14, 2009

Views from the last few days.

Moist mountains and sun baked banana leaves. Climate duality occurs on many levels, the smallest of which is at my house where (honestly) it can drizzle at the back and be dry in the front.....and my pad is not that big.

This bench has certainly been exposed to the elements for a while, I like its beachy feel, minimalist lines and simple functionality.

I'm guessing these guys are more gardeners than carpenters.

Here are all our goods and chattels being sent off Island. Whole lives are in some of those containers, I know as I've helped pack (an unpack) a few of them in my time.

The art of picking the right wave in action.

I parked at around 11:00am for a SUP session. With my fair complexion this is never wise, but the early morning low tide forced me to play later than my skin normally desires. It got increasingly hotter and as my retinas burned an hour later, I felt like I was on a watery mirage seeing whale flukes that weren't there and then started singing in my head Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

It's rare that my eyeballs are the reason to end a session, but my optometrist was 'tut-tut-ing' in my head, "there's the start of sun damage in your left eye" she'd advised. I cursed her sensible finger wagging as I paddled in.


Anonymous said...

Good post showing those parts of the island that are not seen by tourists.

Love the cottage roof - bet it's damp in there and Grandpa Wilson would have loved to use his plane on that bench.

The guy on the yellow board reminds me of me attempting to swim - he's got a low-slung bum.

I want a keyring like that - please.

Mater x

Lano said...

Those cars on the deck of the freighter would be rusted to bits after that journey! Remind me to nver buy a car from Hawaii!

Sharon said...

Mater: Keyring is an easy fix, I bought it in Leeds from Octopus!

Lano: I know, even if they were only going to Oahu...not positive!

Rayburn said...

Great pictures!
Do you carry all the time your camera to catch these moments?!
Anyway, today, it was nice to finally "meet" you..
See you soon

Anonymous said...

Awaiting sexy pictures of the new bike, Sharon!