Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rural roots.

The morning sun lit up these already bright yellow Starfruit, enough to make me stop and take a snap, plus at 'ten for a dollar' they were the deal of the day .

Ya know your life has turned rural when......

'Now that's a huge cock' is too predictable of a statement, but I'm feeling verbally lazy so that's what you get.

Talking of which, my neighbors have acquired a rooster that is situated a little too close to my bedroom window and I wake with its crowing in the wee early hours. I'm trying to figure out if it's the recent errant neighborhood cock that they've captured, or a new pet. Either way I'm debating my next move, one of which is crossing my fingers that they remove it before I have to knock on their door and fess up to not being a cock lover.

One stork of tuber rose is enough to transform the fragrance of a room in to a heavenly experience. At 50 cents a stork (and with three dollars in hand), my whole house smells positively divine.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Stewed slowly with garlic and sage even a tough old cock is pretty tasty.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I cannot resist - you've got birds on the brain with cocks and storks. I think you may find it's stalks of flowers.......

Mater x

P.S. that's a not so lovely memory of my last holiday on Maui - that bloody cockerel crowing.

Sharon said...

TG: Scrumptious, now there's a treat for the whole family!

Mater: Wow-I'm just going to have to hire you as my editor so I don't keep embarrassing myself in this way!

Wasn't it the Minor birds that drove you mad?

Anonymous said...

You could well be right - it's four (plus) years since I was last on Maui and you know my memory isn't what it was!

You have no need to be embarrassed, some of your cock-ups can be quite amusing:-)

Mater x