Saturday, October 24, 2009

All the right moves.

Not one to let decapitation ruin his day, Piglet diligently worked on his tan.

I feel like a part time resident at 1000 Peaks, as lately I've been there a lot practicing turning my board to the right. On the right turn scale I'd say I've made it to veering toward...... which is progress indeed. In fact yesterday I was twice able to turn enough to stay on the wave with another paddler by changing direction. Satisfying, would be an understatement.

An advanced student.

Ufff, just looking at this gives me elevator stomach.

Meanwhile, Renata, Meesh and me clearly enjoying each other, our beers and an in depth bra conversation. Cheers!


Meesh said...

Funny post Shaz :) I chuckled several times! So where was that wave and when, please God tell me it was not taken somewhere today??!! Love the chick pick, posting it to my wall :) Thanks for a fab evening last night, thoroughly excellent!

Sharon said...

Meesh: Don't fret, Hoo' pics were from 8:30am 'ish on Wed. It's a rare treat when we all look fab....glad you broadcast the moment!

Anonymous said...

Oh what big bottles of beer you drink daughter dear - so ladylike!

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

Love the picture of the Three Graces having fun - one more for the Meesh file!
Tellie, did you just miss the perfect wave??

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment - hope Piglet has sufficient tan and has been removed from his hole!
Please don't tell me he belongs to you and that's how you treat your toys!!!

Mater x