Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two non-working days.

It's been a beautiful weekend on the Valley Isle with a south swell drawing distinguished men (and woman) of all ages to the water. Personally, I got spat out almost as soon as I entered the water, low tide, a 10ft board and my talent are definitely not a match.

But hey, it happens to the best of us, two words: not positive.

The plump pumpkins are betraying the time of year, for without them you'd never know it was an autumnal October day. Confession, those of us who live in perpetual sunshine gloat (ever so slightly) when it's gorgeous here and ya know, praps not so fabby on the mainland.

A flat tire on my bike prevented me from increasing my heart rate via a casual Sunday morning ride, but all was not lost. I hopped in my truck and headed to Grandma's for breakfast where I downed a large latte that did the job for me!

You'd be forgiven for thinking I was at a La Liga match watching Barcelona, (ah la fantasia), but no.... was the free Ukulele Festival, show casing many of Maui's keiki.

Talking of which, I attended a home brew tasting last night where one of the brew masters was actually a brew teenager and (once again) men wore lederhosen. With a weekend like this, there's no need for Europe for a while, Prost!

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Anonymous said...

How lovely to see pictures that "feel" warm when it's getting decidedly chilly outside here in England.

Oops, poor boat and Messi by name, messy by nature from the way he wears his towel. I loved the ukelele group - did they play a selection of George Formby songs i.e. "When I'm cleaning windows" or "With my little stick of Blackpool rock"? You've probably lived too long in America to remember those classics. However, I'm sure you remember your brother's expertise with the homebrew and Dad bringing him home, in a sorry state, after imbibing rather too much of the lethal concoction!!!!

Mater x

P.S. he was as high as a KITIE which is my very apt verification word.