Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nerve Gas.

Ok - so everyone has been moaning and groaning about the bloody price of gas and I’m here on my soap box to get something off my chest ‘YOU’RE ALL BLOODY SPOILT’!

Listen I know jack shit about how petrol gets to the pump, but this is my guess. First you have to find the bloody stuff under the crust of the earth and that can’t be easy. Then they drill a big damn hole in the ground or the sea and some how suck all that good juice out of our mother, which (lets face it) must be there for a purpose other than making my truck run. Then it’s transported somehow to somewhere probably through the Suez Canal in some big bastarding ship as we all cross our fingers it doesn’t run a ground in the most pristine of shorelines. Ship to shore….. more pumping and lets not forget the whole oil refining bit that makes it into our precious elixir petrol. Then, more dangerous moving of flammable liquids on autobahns & motorways with whole families in mini vans zooming by, to end up delivered to your local gas station.

And all this for $4.21 a gallon………boys and girls you should all be on your knees in thanks for the bloody deal of the century. I’m not pro oil - I’m just saying lets all have a little perspective.

I suspect I’m not alone when standing in line thinking ‘ooh that’s a bit
pricey’ when ordering my grande- two pump -vanilla -half decaf -half regular -no foam -cup of draino that I still willingly pony up $4.25 for. Now THAT’S something worth bitching about!


Vernette said...

it's relative oui...ppl will pay for what they truly want no matter the price.

Anonymous said...

Be glad you don't live in England where petrol is $11 per gallon.
But hey, what the hell, I want to keep on driving so I carry on paying. Thank God I gave up fags, almost $12 per packet and all you get for your money is a bad cough :-)

Good blog Sharon - it's good to read your serious side (very) occasionally.

mater x

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. You always have a great perspective.

Sharon said...

Vernette: Welcome to my little family!

Mater: Isn't petrol sold in liters at home?

Anon: Compliments always graciously received

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's sold in litres but prices are shown in litres AND gallons. We still like to hold on to our island heritage and sod the EU for telling us to give up our own particular brand of weights and meansures. Petrol is shown as £1.10 per litre which equates to $2 plus.

Mater x

P.S. I have misspelled litres - it's the way we do it over here.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, there should have been a "not" in there - it's very early morning for me and I haven't yet had my early morning cup of Yorkshire tea.