Monday, May 12, 2008

Massage Therapy

It’s Monday, it’s busy and there are lots of deadlines on the office table, so what’s the best course of action? It’s a no brainer, bolt promptly at 12:30pm and head to the spa, leaving our trusty slave “Good Afternoon Trading Place Maui this is Corina, I have to do everything” in charge! My faithful business partner Nancy and I soaked, steamed, scrubbed and massaged our way through three hours of naughty time off.

We resurfaced refreshed, rejuvenated and just in time for the office to have already closed!


Anonymous said...

And here's you telling me how hard you work. Poor Corina. Mind you that's what employing a slave is all about.

Mater x

Nancy said...

That was such a great afternoon...long over due! Sharon and I are like an old married couple...It is about time she took me out....she never takes me anywhere ya know!!!

Nancy said...

whats wrong with my boobs????
nothing but bra baby! so weird....I shall never wear that top or bra again...ever!

Lano said...

bra? I thought you only wore half coconuts in Hawaii?

Nancy said...

maybe that would have been a better choice :-)

Anonymous said...

Having had a second lookie, two things spring to mind (1) did you take a second dress with you Sharon and (2) does your office REALLY close at 3.30p.m.?????????

No. 2 begs the question, how can you afford to go for beauty treatments - important though they may be to you both?

Mater x

Cerebral Itch said...

You suck

I'm jealous

Sharon said...

Mater: Yes, 2nd frock in tow. Who wants to wear school clothes after play time is over?

Time line:
12:30 leave office.
12:50 photo on the way to spa
1:00 terme, steam etc.
2:00 massage.
3:00 lay around like noodles chatting drinking lemon water.
4:00 finally make a move to leave.
4:30 photo on the way out, at exact same time the office closes.

Mr. CI: I suggest a day a pampering for yourself as soon as you've completed our latest little project!

Anonymous said...

You make me feel like such an ignoramus but what's terme when it's at home? Why didn't Nancy take a change of clothes?

We have ladies who lunch over here, is it a case of ladies who laze on Maui?

This is just the green eye blinking madly you realise?

Mater x