Monday, January 01, 2007

Before and after.

I confess I'm a closet fan or 'before' and 'after' photo's. So I bring to you my New Years Eve & New Years Day looks!

Here I am with the lovely Michelle Crompton. Michelle is wearing designer Ross and a bit of fur from my dress up box. I am in Banana Republic with Aloha swap meet bracelet and necklace from Granny!
Martin hosted a fabby evening complete with sparklers at midnight.
You can dress us up, but you can't take us anywhere ......which of course makes Michelle an excellent chum in my book!
Which brings us to 'after'! Here I am Jan 1st 2007 in full tea making mode with my new Dominic the Donkey slippers. "Oh jigerty jig eeeoorr eeeeorrr it's Dominic the donkey" my Christmas prezzie received just yesterday from none other than my good pal Michelle!


mater70 said...

Several comments come to mind here.
Glad to see you are wearing your protective rose necklace :-) (Catch 'em and brand 'em girl).
The sparklers aren't really attached to your boobs are they - that picture takes me back to nipple tassles (but that's another story).
Finally does EVERYONE know you have chilly extremities? That's at least two pairs of toe protectors this Xmas to my knowledge - those are much fancier than mine though. Take care of them, remember we wear the same size:-)

mater70 said...

Just one final comment - I trust that a Yorkshire cuppa you're drinking? It fair hits the spot of a morning dunt it ar lass?
A little Yorkshire dialect for those people who are confused by the above.

Nancy said...

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon...tsk tsk...
tsk...I was wondering who stole my eeoorrr slippers...
Has Martin check his closet yet after you were in his house to see if anything is missing?

Ely from NYC said...

Awesome post, Sharon! Those sparkler pix are brilliant. You girls look amazing in your black dresses! Had an amazing New Year's dinner in Madrid, a 7 courses, perfect! A bunch of upper class spanish twit children in the restaurant, my mom was diagnosing their behavoiral problems all night (she's the director of a special ed school, after all!).

Back to work tomorrow, shit! Back to Maui in 6 weeks, AWESOME!!!

Much love and happy new year,


meesh said...

fantastic night shaz, so glad we crashed the party!! Thanks for the dress tips, though I was glad I switched to the loser model, as the food was bloody good (cheers Martin!!!). Excellent to hang out with you buggers, a bit disappointed that we don't have a pic of GP in "denim glory"!!!

cammar said...

Sharon, you look good no matter what you wear! :-O
But if I could, I'd rather choose the black dress than the robe with the donkey slippers...

You girls look fab, I didn't ask for your phone numbers just because I have it already. That's why I had to get one from somebody else... ;-)

Thank god there's no pics of my denim frenzy (can't believe you missed such an opportunity).

I think the host's shirt would have deserved a post, though.
Thanks Martin for an awesome night, even though the meat was just average... holy COW!

Sharon said...

Mater70:Nipple tassles;that's funny, the things you forget you tell people! Plus I confess Yorshire brew is not my cup of tea, I'm an Earl Gray girl.

Hey Ned; Despite your best efforts, I'm not a stalker!

Ely; Good job Your Mum doesn't join you on your Maui trips,I dread to think what she'd say about our 'special' behaviours!

Meesh; I think it's best the denim debacle remainds in our minds only!

GP;It's official you are a blood sucker!

mater70 said...

Isn't it irritating when your Mater can remember things you forgot?

Is it de rigeur for all women on Maui to have the same hair style and colour? It makes it very difficult for this viewer to differentiate between all you beauties. How do the gentlemen (I use that term loosely) manage?
GP, you can send me your answer in a plain brown envelope.

Anonymous said...

hey GP-
I gave you my phone number at this party and you still have not called it something I said??

cammar said...

What, you think you give professional italian stallion and latin lover Giampaolo Cammarota your phone number and he's gonna call you right away?

I have a long list to go thru baby... I'm actually processing applications dated sept 05, so arm yourself with some pacience.

Mater70, why differentiate...

mater70 said...

There are times when I could wring your neck GP - you ALWAYS manage to get in the last word.
Congrats on your word knowlege - one day, just maybe, I'll get you lost for words but, sadly, I'm doubtful. I shall just keep on trying.............

Anonymous said...

GP-I have moved on...your loss.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shazza, your pics and comments are as usual awesome.
I wouldn't expect anything less!
Hope you are well! Miss you stax
Lots of love, Jane
Yip that's right from Sunny South Africa

Sharon said...

Jane! OMG I know who the little red dot on my cluster map in SA is!!!!