Sunday, January 21, 2007

The same, but different.

It’s a good thing when you look at the same thing over and over and you still get a hit of bliss (as with the clip above)! Such was the case at Kanaha a few weeks ago when the colors where a perfect tropical picture.

It was the same thing at Hookipa tonight, I love sitting on the knoll and watching the show.....never a dull moment.
Here's 'cousin itt' tearing it up! We had whales swimming by, friends stopping by and always there's a baby or a dog to entertain between sets, tonight there was both. This is without a doubt one of my favorite ways to transition from late afternoon to evening. Same place, different cast, always good.


cammar said...

Yeah, baby!

meesh said...

there's my long lost cuz "it"! we should get double props for surfing without seeing, and there is always that moment when you get washed, and come up for a huge suck of air .... and get H..air

Sharon said...

Funny,so I guess the construction of the new radial enforced hair bands don't handle the pounding? I say demand a new-less naff gift!