Monday, May 28, 2007

Swimsuit edition.

I think I’ve mentioned before, water isn’t really my element. However living on a tropical Island one really must make an effort to splash about a bit!

There’s so much focus with windsurfing on how you actually sail that no one tells you about the other really important part… to predict the conditions! In my brash eagerness to get on the water on Saturday I only took my 4.5 to the beach, but when I got there it was howling. Sandstorm kinda howling.... and there was nothing smaller than a 3.7 rigged anywhere, so that was a non starter. In my defense I did go in search of borrowing a smaller sail but GP’s were missing in action and & the Crompton/Walger clan were no where to be found. So Sunday I went fully prepared with my vast quiver of two sails a 4.5 Superfreak and 4.0 Maui Sails which in my mind is really like taking one 4.3 ish hybrid.
In an attempt to learn from my mistakes I even checked the wind before leaving (a respectable 22 knots at the airport) so I felt ready for anything. Except when I got to Kanaha a big bastarding squall had just come in shutting everything down.
Bollocks, I just don’t have the patience to wait around for the conditions to match my paltry talent and equipment so I headed for the pool and swam laps. Ta-daaaa!


Anonymous said...

I didn't understand a word of that entry, totally double Dutch to me, landlubber that I am.

However, some things never change and that is The Pose. (Nice cossie by the way).

Mater x

meesh said...

sunset swim at puks, lovely up there isn't it! i picked up a new cosie at the weekend so i will be up there tonight!

Lano said...
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Lano said...

Not too shabby, looks like the crowd in the stands were going off! Also, I think someone was trying to look up your costume!

Sharon said...

Lano-you have a keen eye for's agood job you haven't actually seen me swim!

Meesh on the other hand is up there at Puks killing 'um. She's only gimpy on land, look out in da woda :-)

Mater-we all have our own style and at least with mine you don't see two fingers!

Anonymous said...

Not a clue what you're writing about but it's sure to be rude.
Good job I love you oh child of my loins.

Mater x

Where is the swimming pool by the way?