Tuesday, May 08, 2007

English country garden.

Upon taking a nice little walk this afternoon we ambled past a hedge and my Mum (who has a keen eye for the inappropriate) observed a plastic bag stuck in the shrubbery “I bet there’s dog shit in there” she said with authority! Neither one of us had the nerve to check, but I was still thinking about that plastic bag late into the evening. So forgoing Church on Sunday morning I did a little detective work to see if Mums hunch that some people will do anything to avoid prosecution was correct, thankfully she was wrong!

I’m on a (not so secret) mission to get my Mum walking this trip and so bought her a pedometer to make it fun. As an aside I counted the number of steps from Leeds to Maui and it was 14,831! Doctors recommend at least 2000 steps daily so despite the 17 hours of bum in seat, the only way I can explain my profuse activity must be excessive trips to the loo!
In my new role as fitness instructor we started out with a gentle meander through the Canal Gardens. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and awash with English visuals for eyes accustomed to swaying palm trees.

I often see people whose picture I want to capture, but fail to follow through due to awkwardness. I was telling Mum this whilst pointing out my muse on a nearby bench, when the urge to capture this handsome devil overrode my apprehension and I strode up to him asking permission to take his pici “I’ll break yer camera I will” he replied in true Yorkshire style. I’m not sure who’s smile was bigger, his or mine.


cammar said...

Great sign, one of the few laws I like. If it would be applied in Napoli too, half of the people who own a dog would be in jail.
Walking (or worse) jogging on the sidewalk is a great training for ski slalom...
Love the posts from UK. Great way to stay in touch.

Nancy said...

This is a great post...did you get that man's phone number??
Where is our picture of Mater??
Mater, Mater...we want Mater!!

meesh said...

Agghh, I want to go back! I love the spring, and your pics are great.

Why wasn't mater chatting up the handsome chappie? I thought she would have been all over that one?!

ps. a bag of malteasers would probably ease my homesickness if you've got 20p next time you pass the local corner shop ;-)

Sharon said...

Meesh: You're worth the 20p....but you might get an empty bag! Mater likes a nice bit of ruff, so this lovely chappie just didn’t cut it!

Nancy: I officially crown you head of the Mater70 fan club; I'll try & bring you a personal souvenir.

Cammar: You'll be glad to know we took the bags out of the hedge and disposed of them in the trash.