Saturday, May 19, 2007


8:00 am: Wake up and have a proper English breakfast including my personal fave black pudding , yes that's the mystery item in front of the real bacon and I really do like it!
10:00 am: Step outside for a breath of fresh air and work up an appetite for lunch. Ok-Ok while an Englishman's home is his castle not everyone actually lives in one. As a mere pleb....I did go and partake of lunch in the tea room (slightly confusing I know) at Ripley Castle and it was fabby.
Noon: Thirsty work all that digesting and castleing, so a beverage was in order.
3:00pm: Tea time and of course one gets a little peckish in the afternoon so a small tart (in my case) or cream bun should do the trick!
7:00pm: I had to hav a few..........
8:00pm Again all that digesting builds up a thirst, so a quick pint of Sam Smiths and I'm a happy girl.

Jesus no wonder the Brits are the fat bastards of Europe!

Ok-lest you think my next post will be of my coronary bypass, let me assure you that was not a real day in my life (ok the beer bit was)! However, one of my observations this trip has been the amount of large people I’ve seen. When I first moved to America the sheer girth that the natives could grow to astounded me and I’m sorry to say the Brits are catching up.

Upon entering a household in England I hear the following "do you want a cuppa"? and "put some meat on yer bones"! to wit I reply "Yes, milk & one sugar thanks" and "I'm OK as I am thanks".


Anonymous said...

Oh God, just the sight of those sticky fruit meringues make me salivate - thank God for Betty's tearooms. Sorry you're not around to drive me there:-(

Mater x

Anna Lyn said...

wow, looking at the picture of your breakfast just clogged my arteries! looks really yummy!

Ely from NYC said...

Ah lovely England, those tasty tarts with the cream buns!

Welcome home, Sharon!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

George said...

Bangers, beans, and black pudding--I haven't had that for breakfast since the last time I was in England.

Black pudding is essentially a sausage made from pigs blood and must be an acquired taste, one of those things that you learned to eat as a child before you knew what it was. My problem was that I knew what it was before I tried it.

Now the cream buns are quite another matter!

George said...

...and the English beer is WONDERFUL!


Nancy said...

Eeewwww... Never get me to try it.

Lano said...

You are a sicko for liking black pudding!

Cream buns make the world go round!

Anonymous said...

Food and beer - the common language of man no matter which part of the globe he comes from.

Sharon didn't grow up with black pudding, God knows where she got the taste for that from, certainly NOT her Mater. Now tarts, I own up to that gene Ely :-)