Sunday, May 20, 2007


I had a great trip home to England and it just highlighted what a special place I live in year round. Despite a 3 day on again-off again migraine and some wicked jet lag I’m basking in wearing the least amount of clothes possible and being home.

Prompted by the promise of prime reserved seating under the tree at Thousand Peaks, this afternoon I headed to the Southside for some sun and relaxation. We were quite the team of geriatrics, Michelle with her newly arthroscopiced knee, Ulli with a painful rib he’d just popped and me just coming out of a 3 day headache. If you didn’t have an ailment we didn’t want to know you.
The best entertainment however was Michelle’s need to pee. Under doctor’s orders to not get her knee wet, how exactly was she to empty a full bladder?! After Francky dug a pee luge in the sand and I suggested Ulli piggy back her in to the water & receive a special kinda shower, this was her best attempt. Knee up, bum down and awaiting the synchronicity of her desire to wee and a nice shore break douche!
Alas, there was no happy ending but a bearing of the truth, that our favorite mermaids real need was simply to get in the water. Bless.


Anonymous said...

I must say I was enjoying your "local" pictures (from my point of view) but this entry makes me understand why you didn't want to stay longer.

I think I could have made a quartet of invalids - hope you trio raised your injuries to absent friends :-) Mater xx

meesh said...

what a lovely post shaz! Of course I would have to say, that (!) but, you have such an ability to "post" the moment! It was great seeing you back on home turf, and although our geri club won't be together for too long, it couldn't have better members! .... well off to hang my poster now (THANKS mater!!!)

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it - good job one of the Paley ladies remembered you HAD TO HAVE a Reinaldo (?spelling) poster. He is rather dishy though :-)

Hope your arthroscoped knee is on the mend.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Mater: Instead of injuries we raised water and Ulli's stale nuts to toast the afternoon :-)
Meesh: Great to catch up and there's no one I'd rather check out Ronaldo's tackle with than you!

Ely from NYC said...

Ahh, poor Michelle, just staring longingly towards the ocean's horizon...

Hang in there, honeypie, you'll be out there soon enough, rippin' it up and putting us guys to shame!

meesh said...

Thanks Mater, the poster is certainly enhancing the day if not the recovery!

Ely, don't worry I'll be on for tandem by the time you arrive. My dolls are on order!

Shaz, you gotta put my gift on the blog, it's incredible