Friday, May 11, 2007

A picture tells a thousand words.

I've been taking so many pici's that are quintisentailly English, so for those of you that have never crossed the pond, here's a few to give you a feel of what Endland looks like in May. Which reminds me of a pick up line used by another Brit to me years ago "i'll provide the bring the crumpet!"
A lovely water feature with no bathroom nearby!
Tiptoe through the tulips..... dedicated to Paul Chamberlain who's the only non Btit who'll get it!
A room with a view.

Yer big pansy!
Author in full bloom.
Headline from the Daily Mail today.... 'It's mass Wisteria!'


meesh said...

I just love the headlines of the mail, sun etc. who are these whitty people that pull it out of their arse daily? Love the pics, just off for a brew now....

Cerebral Itch said...

Nobody can pun like the British. "Mass Wisteria", that's rich. I'm moving there.

Sharon said...

I'm sure every papers headline office is actually their local, using beer mats a biro and a pint (or two) or the usual!