Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yorkshire Lass.

The Yorkshire dales are not even a 20 minute drive from Mums house and they are a stunning national park that runs through the backbone of England straddling the Pennines. Every time I go here my sole (ur...i mean soul) is satiated. The fields are veined with old dry stone rock walls (not a lick of cement used) and aged farm storage houses. Rivers cut through the bottom of the valleys and there are old trees, aincient ruins and myriads of wild flowers that bring splashes of colour & personality to this green & pleasant land.

Can you see my satiated soul?!
I say 'mint sauce' my bro says "The dales; where men are men and sheep are nervous"!

As a kid after a big Sunday lunch of roast beef, yorkshire pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, mashed carrots and of course home made apple pie & custard……we all needed to walk off the gluttony. Dad would drive us all out to the moors to ‘blow off the cob webs” & we’d walk ankle deep in bracken and heather until we were done. The dales pull strongly at me to walk, explore and get lost in its beauty and tranquility.

Today instead (after only two halves of black sheep lager) I drove my Mum's teeny tiny little car into a teeny tiny little excuse for a wall and caused a teeny weeny little scratch. A momento for her (as it were) of my visit!


Nancy said...

I love looking at your pictures..

Anonymous said...

1 - For Gods Sake Sharon
Black Sheep is bitter and NOT lager.
2 - As I remember it was not a wall but a stone topped ledge you nearly drove off...
3 - Spelling corrections are available free of charge if required!

Sharon said...

Hey Nance: and you think I'm a corrector.....!

Anon: Fabby offer to be my UK editor but I'll graciously decline. If evrything was accurate it just wouldn't be me, I like a bit of fray around my edges.

Nancy said...

Oooh, good answer...I will have to write that down on one of my index cards and hand it to you in the office along with one of my corrected fax cover letters from you!!

meesh said...

that sheep is a cute bugger ... you're making me UK-sick with all these great posts. I don't think I've ever wanted to return so badly! (err and the ocean here is totally flat)

cammar said...

Oh, yes? Well, Sharon, you're always in my sole then... :-)

Meesh, thanks for the great news! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sharon left my home for her home at 5.00a.m. today and should be on her beloved Maui by Friday. We've had the mostlovely time together and I'm sure she will regale you with wonderful scenic pictures (and, I suspect, one or two of me) but I'm not altogether sure when she was pointing that bloody camera - she's the demon snapper of the world). Silent but deadly.

To my three fans on Maui - it's nice to be back :-)

Sharon, 7.15a.m. and missing you already :-(

Mater70 xx

nikinpos said...

I don't think I've ever been there. Hope its a bit warmer than it was last week for me!