Sunday, May 06, 2007

Homewood bound.

Eureka I made it to my first post-a high speed connection has not been the easiest thing for me to find in the old country...still here I am!

As I started my journey from one home to another, I realized that I was stopping along the way at the only four places I’ve ever lived on our big beautiful earth. 1989- Present: The brilliant little town of Makawao on the lower slopes of Haleakala, Maui. This epic little town is small in stature but large on personality. It supplies one shop of everything you need with a mixture of old world charm and new age calm.

1981-1989: How cool a sled is this to get picked up in on the way to Blighty?! Here is my best friend on the planet Jules, in her shagadellic convertible mini. She picked me up at SFO for a quick brekie between flights and we had a few quality hours of pure joy being in each others company.
San Francisco was home for many years when I first left the UK and I had some wild experiences there that I’ll save for another post! I never thought that I’d want to live anywhere else, but when I moved to Maui the feeling I experienced when I physically landed was an overwhelming sense that I was home.
1987-1989-Thanks to my good buddy Jules, I was set up with a killer job in London after I finished four years of college in Leeds. We worked (and I use that term loosly) at the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane. The Hotel has an apartments section that plays the roll of London’s HQ for many large American corporations and Jules and I were the two cheeky receptionists. How we got away with being drunk at work, sneaking into Sir.Rocco Forte’s office and generally goofing off under the thin guise of professionalism is a testament only to the fact the management was infinitely worse than we were!
1961-1987: Leeds, UK, home to a hand full of famous peeps including Peter O'Toole, Chris Moyles, Corrine Bailey Rae, Jimmy Saville and um…..well me! Yorkshire folk have a reputation of being hardy, forthright & funny. Or as my brother would say we call a spade a spade and not a hand operated earth inverting tool!


Anonymous said...

How come this is the first time I have heard of you being drunk in charge of a front desk at the Grosvenor? Makes me wonder what else you have kept hidden all these years.......

Beware, a truth drug in your cocoa tonight so more can be revealed:-)
Mater xx

Lano said...

Sunds like you are having a ball Sharon, keep us posted....and I am VERY intrigued to hear your San Fran experiences!

Leeds - was also Harry Kewells and Mark Vidukas first Premier league assignments, pity Leeds are now in the second division and in liquidation!


Go United!

Sharon said...

Mater: I think the truth serum worked, but perhaps not in the way you intended. How else would you have found out that you snore?!

Lano: Oh the shame of it! Gone (for now) are the halcyon days of Leeds Utd- Jesus you know the players better than I do. Perhaps it’s time to switch teams, go Adelaide!

cammar said...

Ah, even though I don't like flags, countries, borders and national hyms, I can't help myslef not to be a fan of Napoli football team (and Italy too). Just another one of my contraddictions.
We won two national championships when Mr. Diego Armando was playing for us. Cocaine or not cocaine he has been the most gifted football player in the world and he was in love with the town, just as much as the town was in love with him.
Too bad he fucked up his life so much. But forever I will say, grazie Diego.
Now Napoli is in second division, but this year it could make it back to the first div. Good luck.

Lano said...

GP, I would rather not talk about a certain 'Italian' world cup team.....

I was given the four games in a box set DVD for Christmas this year of Australias games in the recent world cup, I am yet to even watch the Italian game :(

Materazzi = Academy award!