Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost mile high club.

There’s never a reason to get up early on Sunday morning…..except when it’s for the service of others. Being incredible athletes in their own right, my friends Jami and Nancy are the consummate sporty servants and recruited me to help with their aid station for today’s Cycle to The Sun. The theme was “The Almost Mile High Club”…although we were only at 3,200 ft!

Here is the motley the crew, 6:30am pre take off.

The chalk was a hit and we graffitied the road with ‘tea or coffee’ ahead of the aid station and Nancy decided (after seeing herself in uniform), there would in fact be ‘turbulence ahead’.

I was magnificently surprised to find my friend Rick was on Island and deftly snuck away from my water bearing duties for a hug. Meanwhile, Nancy took to the theme with great gusto providing all manor of motivation!

The early riders blazed by, focused and racing the clock to the top of Haleakala Crater. The later ones stopped, texted, took pictures (with the obliging staff), snorted their baggies of advil and let their feet breath. These are my kind of sportsmen because while the other talented volunteers went riding and running after our aid was no longer needed, I just awoke from a nice big fat nap!

Thus, happily today's antics kept my own motto (around sporting events) confidently intact 'I don't compete, I rarely volunteer, but I always show up for the party' and if you're going to volunteer, I highly recommend the team that is Jami Kimel and Nancy Robberson. Thanks guys, I haven't laughed that much, that early in a long time. Bub bye now.


Nancy said...

You two look great!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

A skirt that short could be a dangerous distraction to a high speed biker! Good job well done.

Lano said...

So nobody parked their bikes? Crikey!

Anonymous said...

You can tell GP is just a flight attendant in that gear.

Did you need air fresheners to assist your breathing with the cyclists removed their shoes?

Mater x

Sharon said...

Why thank Mrs B: You can borrow my uniform anytime you want!

TG: Happy to report we caused no crashes but there were a lot of big smiles from the cyclists.

Lano: LOL.....not that day :-)

Mater: GP wasn't there, Jami (Nancy's hubby) is the captain and our friend Chris was the co-pilot. Happy to report the riders I encountered were odorless.

Anonymous said...

OMG, another case of mistaken identity - you lot all look alike to me. I even have difficulty in picking you out sometimes from your photographs (i still recognise you when you're on your own) so Alzheimer's hasn't bitten just yet. You girls all have long blonde hair and great figures and the boys also have long hair and wear flipflops.

meesh said...

I'm sure there were plenty of riders that would like to have "parked their bikes" but where, one wonders??!!