Monday, September 01, 2008

Polipoli 8th annual Book Club Retreat.

As Nancy and I commuted up the mountain to Polipoli cabin (which is at 6,200ft and within the fog belt of the Kula Forest Reserve) to join our seven other book club sisters, the light and views were beautiful.

It was misty and damp outside but we didn't care, as more members arrived the cabin heated up with the potent mana of powerful women who love a good read, almost as much as they do each other.

As always, there was no sense of survival in this electricityless world as the abundant supplies manifested into one gourmet meal after another. Plus, with the help of Karen’s nifty stickers, losing your ‘wine plastic’ was not an option.

Many women had Brad that night...Michael Phelps and Simon Cowell were popular runners up (theres no accounting for taste)!

We decided Arnold was packing a little extra hummus in his trunks for this shot, while I myself opted for the three ‘B’’s. On my bum was Beckham, on my bush was Bono and on my boobs was Blair!

We knew we’d be in for more fun and games than normal when Karen showed up with a keyboard, guitar, ukulele and drums. “Didn’t you get the memo to bring musical instruments’? She chirped, as we stood there with our mouths agape as her roadies’ unpacked!

As we all gathered with excitement for Karen’s post dinner concert it was soon revealed that knowing 10 notes per song, conjoined with “I can’t play sharps” and the tempo of each tune slowed to the beat of the death march...... does not a concert make! Still, undeterred and with the flood gates of mediocrity well a truly opened, we felt safe to accompany her by singing at the top of our lungs in the key of flat. Twas a marvelous event destined to go down in the annals of ‘Chicks with Lanterns moments most likely to bring ridicule" and 'tis why we love book club so.

Aside from picking our reading list for the next seven months, we took a glorious hike (Nancy is absent as she left earlier to run the trials higher up into the forest). See how nice and relaxed we all look, well a couple of hours later we were two people short and not quite so clean and tidy! We might be wise to include a book on wilderness survival……or perhaps just a trail map would suffice for our next walk about!

Still we did concur about one thing which was Karen’s answer to the question” If you were the sole survivor of a plane crash with everyone present and had to choose someone to eat in order to survive, who would you select” Her answer was Kanara…..who is first gorgeous woman on the left and our gluten free snack of choice!


Anonymous said...

What a fun site, A+ for superb read and pictures.

I don't wonder they didn't choose you as meal of choice - there's not enough meat on you. No dripping and bread from your bones to savour.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

The last picture begs the question how come you're always centre stage in group photographs? Is it cos it's your camera and therefore you're allowed?


Sharon said...

Mater: With my diet right now I'd taste of vitamins and lemon water and who wants that when your famished?!

Karen said the woodsy photo looks like a 70's album cover and she's right! As for my location in self timed pici's, I'm normally on the end but I like your logic and will use that from now on.

Anonymous said...

I love that group photograph - you all look so happy and natural.

Who ever set the camera knew what she was doing :-) That's my girl.

Your Ma would be a brilliant meal of choice - I'd feed the lot of you for at least six months but you'd have to enjoy your pork with plenty of crackling. If I ever get over there again ensure I walk around with a couple of baking apples in my pocket:-) Girl guide's motto "be prepared".

Mater xx