Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Times.

There’s a new ginger in town and he’s definitely a boy, all bike and no bark. Cosmo's not mine, but I like him wandering around like he owns the place all curious and aloof.

Today was definitely a stand-up kinda Sunday (upon arrival stand-uppers out numbered the lay-downers 2-1) with plenty of glassy, soft waves gently undulating to their culmination. In other words, nothing for me to be intimidated by and lots of great practice trying to stay on the inviting wave faces.

Nice rack...

The Thinker....pondering "who's that hot chick out there that's whiter than me"?

'Tis I of course, the author looking wondrously unimpressive but only due (I assure you) to the cameras distance!

For the record, this is not my foot's eye view.

And upon my return home the compound guard was waiting.


Anonymous said...

You are so clever with your titles - well done daughter of mine. You're very much mine when I'm pleased with you :-)

Lovely entry the ginger tom looks as though he's quite the cock of the north. You may have to explain the non-double entendre meaning of that to your American friends.

Ha I'm first Robin which means (I guess) you must have left Maui's shores and gone home. Hope you had a lovely holiday - stupid to say that really. How can anyone not love being on Maui?

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Re new ginger - great pic but focus on the eyes next time :-)
If you camera has a spot focus point set this on the eyes first, hold the focus point and re frame the pic. Marks will be awarded for future efforts :-)))))

Lano said...

That guy does not have the body to warrant that tattoo? He certainly aint no Henry Rollins!

and too many pussy jokes came to my mind, but I decided to refrain, as this blog is PG rated (maybe you need a sealed section?)

Robin said...

Hi Mater,

You get the first spot again! Back in rainy, cold but windy (jay!) Holland. Better cherish that 1st spot since I will be back to Maui in April! Hope Blighty is treating you well!