Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cameras, migraines and sailing.

As predicted the Nikon was returned last week. The deciding factor?….well a picture tells a thousand words. I sat on the hill at Hookipa and left in quick frustration as every time the sun hit the Mylar, this was the outcome. Shocking!

And so to contestant #2 a Sony Cybershot H7…the ‘new and improved’ version of my old camera. I’ve not yet run it through its paces but I’ve gotta be on the ball with this test as Sears is not as generous as Costco, only giving me 30 days to return the merchandise!

A quick headache update. It seems I may have stumbled on two possible culprits, on the outside; electromagnetic pollution and on the inside, sugar. The good news is a couple of thin magnets in my bra (think mature wrinkly fembot) and a diet alteration (no sugar, caffeine or alcohol) seem to have tamed the migraine beast. This is my breakfast karma for gobbling up a lifetimes worth of sugar halfway through my innings!

The good news is my energy is back, so yesterday I was happily out on the water. It’s amazing how quickly I lose my confidence when I’m not consistently rigging up. “You done already” yelled a friend as I took my bedraggled self to the shower after only 25 minutes on the water. I wanted to say "yes, I'm bloody knackered already" but ego got the better of me and I just nodded sheepishly and stacked my excuses up, should I be called upon to explain myself. Dammit, busted again for being a wuss…..


Robin said...

Hi Sharon,

No Costco camera this time?!?! Ah well, the have a louzy return policy, so I´ve heared ;)

It was nice meeting you Friday both Esther and I enjoyed dinner and drinks!

Good to read that you´re back on the water, did you go to Kanaha?

Still enjoying Maui!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it, someone has beaten me to the No.1 spot for commentary. Is this the "person" who is a friend of GP - I really don't like to use the word "oik" to a new acquaintance!
You can tell I've got out of bed the wrong way this a.m. The bloody Americans have got the Ryder Cup back and you're moaning about only spending half an hour on the water. Wake up and smell the roses daughter dear - you've got out there and done it and you'll soon climb up to the high standards you set yourself.
Are you available for the European team in two years' time? Mind you, you'll have to bind your boobs but I'm sure you'll enjoy playing with all those fit young men.

From a very dischuffed Mater x

Sharon said...

Hey Robin: I saw you coming in at Hookipa this afternoon....if I'd got there earlier you might have made front page news for (it's been a quiet week)! I knew it was you because as I stood at the point I was blinded by Esther's beautiful hair from the beach!

Mater: Put the kettle on, go back to bed and then get out again on the right side!

charlie said...

That looks like a very American breakfast. WHatever happened to tea and toast? But I understand...anything to get rid of a migraine, right?

Esther & Robin said...

Thanks Sharon, the comment about Esther´s hair just made her day! ;)

Sorry Mater, beating you to the first spot felt a bit weird. Like taking the parkingspot of somebody at Kanaha. Soon We will be back in Europe and you´ĺl be one hour ahead of us again.

Anonymous said...

Morning Robin: if you're heading "back to Europe" are you not in a similar time zone to myself? OR, do I perhaps simply get up earlier than you?

I'm having serious envy of you being on holiday on Maui - isn't it the dreamiest place and filled, in the main, with the loveliest people? Enjoy what's left of your holiday and please take No.1 position on the grid whilst you are able.

Mater x

Lano said...

Sharon, that drink looks like drain water (Actually very similar colour to what our Murray River looks like at the moment :( )

Keep getting out there on the water chickie. There is no better 'feel good' than a sail, no mater how long you go out for!

Anonymous said...

If the Sony does not work out try the Canon PowerShot SX1-IS or PowerShot SX10-IS.
Both have long optical zooms which is what you need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch you lot who are recommending photographic equipment to my daughter BUT (and it's a big but as you can see) she needs to save her money to come home to England to see her Mater.
She's just refurbished her home and now her camera - could you all start a savings fund for air fare to England? Thank you in anticipation.
Warning: she has expensive taste so it needs to be big bucks for the savings pot as first class I know would be her preferred mode of transport.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Charlie: My weekend treat is green tea and dry toast (!) I definitely have pangs of missing my beloved Earl Grey & Marmalade (wistful sigh).

Lano: Thanks for the encouragement and have you set up your Kangaroo Cam yet? I’m dying to see Skippy in your back garden.

Anon: Thanks for the Cannon recommendation as I'm not yet sold on the Sony. With a quick look at some reviews it does sound like a good fit

Mater: Don’t fret, despite the economy there’s still enough brass to accomplish everything.

Anonymous said...

When I check your site to see if there have been any new comments, it always comes up with the photograph of your breakfast. The immediate thing that springs to mind is rabbit droppings and a mug of something very unpleasant which shouldn't be in a mug at all
(if you know what I mean).

Glad to know you're better off than your Ma. Let's start up a slush fund for hard up Maters if you don't need it :-)

Mater x