Thursday, July 05, 2012

Are you doing what you love?

I love Kanaha, it's full of characters and kindness. Here's Phoebe with her impressive solo performance of the Isle of Man flag.

 Good call for a quick air dry - no one likes the second session in a wet wetsuit.

Some like it Hot, but if you need to cool off just head up the mountain.

Which is exactly what I did a few hours later, driving up a few thousand feet above sea level to Keokea Park. A soft rain fell and the fog hugged the trees as I took a seat opposite Pema to play with the band. Fred was on vocals and lead uke, Charles on bass guitar and Stuart on mandolin and fiddle. It was all very casual and using Pema as my mirror, I simply followed along feeling and flowing with the groove.  It was a complete joy to play with them and a total bonus to let it rip in the great outdoors.

The same can be said of the next days activities. 'Come as Ulli' was the remit on the downwinder invite for the big man's birthday. True to form the only people that did were Meesh (all that fur seems to be rubbing off)......

.......and me!

Mad dogs and Englishmen (all present and correct).

Ulli doing an impersonation of himself impersonating Mickey Eskimo.

1000 peaks has been blown out a lot lately so my new surfing spot is woodies. It's all very tropical - you just hop over the concrete barricades (yes that did used to be the road) and there you are.


I often ask myself "are you doing what you love"? Within the constraints work (which I like, but binds me to a desk) my answer is nearly always "yes". That being said, there's a lot room for improvement, it's an internal upping of the ante in regards to stepping out of my own personal comfort zone. If ever I need a little inspiration Kepa Acero is fully tapped in, turned on and tuned in to his life. In this clip he found a kindred spirit , so enjoy these two men who are reveling in the bliss of living lives that they love.


Leedslass said...

Clever you to spot Phoebe's IOM impression:-) I'm gobsmacked at the thought of you playing a uke and jamming in the great outside.
I'm curious, is there a picture of you dressed up as Uli?
That's a lovely, peaceful ocean picture. You're so lucky to live in Paradise. I'm so glad you're a happy daughter - that's all a Mum can ask for.

Sharon said...

Awwww fanks Ma. xox

Sharon said...
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