Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hana (take two) and a wave (or two).

I always take my camera with me when I ride my bike. I like the routes that are mostly up hill from my house, so the pace is slow and there's a lot to stop and see....

Like this ewethful agility...

.....or me in the mirrored window of a house.

But enough of riding and let's hop in the truck and head out to Hana again. Why not, the drive out there alone is so bloody lovely.

I had some company along the way. This guy was strutting his stuff, but the ladies seemed unimpressed.

Strike a pose.

Keanae is about half way to Hana and the further out I drove the more relaxed I became. The colors simplify in to various shades of green, blue, black, grey and white. My eyes and senses engage in the easy palette and my whole system cranks down a notch.

Against this back drop the plants steal the show and currently the haliconias are taking top billing. They grow like weeds along the roadside, providing clumps of color and a stark contrast to the green corridor  of the Hana Highway.

Destination reached and time to set up camp.

Green oranges (no eggs and ham in site).

I have an emergency case of emergencies and this is my emergency tent. As I'd left the instructions at home, that caused a bit of an emergency in trying to erect it. Luckily there were tent experts on site to come to my aid.

All the food groups covered-no emergency here.

Time to pilfer one of those and carbo load at the beach.

We didn't do a whole lot, but there are times not to. Hanging out with friends unplugged and connected with each other was pleasure enough for all of us.

Later that week I had a dental appointment (4pm last of the day) for a filling. The small talk with my dentist is always about windsurfing and he was saying how he'd just bought a video for his wife on the step gybe. After injecting me for numbness, he said "here, let's watch it" so as I settled back in my dental chaise lounge he brought up the video on the ceiling monitor.  With no more patients to attend to, we both sat back throughly enjoying the 8 minutes or so it took for my nerves to go on holiday. I can honestly say it was the best dental appointment I've ever had, plus I was reminded where to place my front hand before flipping the sail!

And finally I throughly enjoyed a long lazy lunch with some newlyweds who had just got back from their European honeymoon. In Barcelona they had come across a gift for me and this was duly presented with love. Intrigued I opened it up to discover one of my favorite things and despite the fact that I have owned this very item before, I was thrilled.

The wave. from Sharon on Vimeo.
Thanks to the solar panel in her handbag, Her Majesty bids you goodbye (with apologies for the dirty sanchez 'tash)!

Oohhhhh wait, one more thing, talking of waves, Kepa's now in India - living the dream and making better and better videos.


Leedslass said...

Lovely pictures of your life. I add a few comments:
No.2 I remember when I could do that!
No.3. You never miss an opportunity for self-admiration.
The cock's lost his doodle!!!
Dr Seuss lives, hurrah.
Luckily your little tent is not really a home from home - just a temporary accommodation.

Leedslass said...

I meant to add one more comment - I wouldn't mind swapping our dandelions for your heliconias!!!

Mchumbie said...

Great pictures Sharon. Thanks for the typical one of my kids!
Anne - you must have been double jointed...

Leedslass said...

Mchumbi, I was quite supple but definitely never ever double jointed. Perhaps the passing years have made me think I was better than I thought?

Sharon said...

Happy to entertain you both :-)

Leedslass said...

Well, I think it's quite obvious that the three of us are wordsmiths:-)