Monday, August 20, 2012

Up, up and away.

Two days before, arriving in San Francisco I'd once again been overpowered by the sheer volume of concrete. Flying out over it, it was easy to see why, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's still one of my favorite cities.

As I kicked back for my haul across the Atlantic, I had a moment of thanks to American Express for their milage program and Virgin for their Upper Class cabin!

I landed in London on the last day of the Olympics and my concerns of delays traveling across the big smoke were ill founded. In fact, it was one of my quickest transfers from Heathrow to Kings Cross, providing time to puzzle over these people standing in line in front of a sign saying 'Platform 9 ¾' and a sawn off shopping cart! Evidently, if I was a Harry Potter fan, I would have been in line too.

As I took my seat on the train for the last leg up to Leeds, we'd barely left the station before there was a mass cacophony of crinkling crisp packets and fussing cellophane as sandwiches and snacks were released for consumption. The Brits do love a picnic.

You know you're heading North when the refreshment announcer proclaims “Starbucks coffee, Yorshire tea and Cadburys hot chocolate are available in the buffet car. We apologize that the drinks trolly cannot serve any hot beverages as due to electrical difficulties with the hot water” ” (cue collective chuntering). We might be able to throw a successful Olympic Games.....but some things never change.

As I stated to nod off, the conversation from the two women in front of me drifted my way. “You know, he's a bit dodgy that one is ” said the first lady in a conspiratorial tone, “I think the word you're looking for is knob head” said the second, bold as brass and not skipping a beat. And the next thing I knew I was in Leeds.

I'm staying with my bro and as any good sister would, day one - just as he'd got his post work comfy's on, I grabbed him and we cycled all of three minutes to the local for a swift one. Priceless.

The village of Thorner is a perfect hub for me. Two pubs (The Fox and The Mexborough), a post office, a village shop and St. Peter's dominates the landscape. Two minutes up the hill you're in the countryside and public footpath heaven.

Luverly juberly.

In the UK days are ruled by taking advantage of the weather. Mum has discovered a mode of transport that allows her to romp about with me when the sun is out. Most of the local parks offer motorized scooters for free and lordy lord she's in heaven! It's a winning combo as I love to get out and about in all the local fabby green space and she can now join me while getting the wind in her hair.....or not!


A taste of things to come, concentrating on my three point turn.

Roundhay Park on a quiet afternoon.

Sunshine and flowers-shocking!

The local wildlife.

Full speed ahead, there's no stopping her now, must dash!


GW Bill Miller said...

Enjoy your visit and my best to your mum. She is my faithful and an endless source of pithy comments. Love to you both.

Sharon said...

Thanks TG, Mum's internet community provides her with much pleasure. Thank you for always being so gracious and welcoming :-)

Leedslass said...

No idea how I missed Blog No.1 but what fun to read it and bring back memories of your stay. I hadn't a clue you'd taken so many snaps of moi enjoying my latest mode of transport - thank heavens it's only for gardens use and I'm still able to drive. Mind you, looking at some of those shots - perhaps it would be better if a driving instructor didn't see them:-)

Leedslass said...

Having just gone through these again, it's the last one that cracks me up! You're a demon with that camera - paparazzi take care, someone's after your job. Note to self MUST try to lose some excess adipose tissue (fat) BUT, even if I do, that won't stop me from playing silly Bs on those wonderful scooters.

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