Thursday, August 30, 2012

Relaxed and ready.

More walk-abouts, more tea, more lunches, more naps.  It's simple routine and I've rested an inexplicable part of me that needed restoring. Yet while I've been nourishing on the one hand, the other has me chomping at the bit to do more, but there will be lot of time for that later. 

And talking of nourishment, my plan to gain some weight while here is working nicely. Guinness, shepherds pie, trifle, repeat.

It was dusk as I left 'The Fox' and after a cheeky half I almost went double or nothing and became a  customer at 'The Village Chippy'.  Despite already having eaten dinner - the thought of buying a bag of chips arose, not because I wanted them, but because I could....but I couldn't!

These boys look like they pulled an all nighter at the Leeds Festival.  Though standing at the bus stop outside The Mexborough, I was unsure exactly where they'd scrubbed up......or maybe they hadn't?

The Leeds Quicksliver store-classic. Well this place had me fooled, and there I was thinking I'd snap up a new pair of board shorts!

Blimey-you're just as liable to draw blood on your neighbors ankle as break your own in these! I'm so out of any kind of fashion loop it all looks like fancy dress to me (or perhaps that's just my age)? 

There is one more element I forgot to add the lovely tea, lunch, nap, repeat routine which is that of taking lots of photo's. It was impossible not to over snap all the copious plants, shrubs and trees at the lovely gardens we've visited.

The routine is working, I've added a few pounds and feel more grounded for it. I've learned more about my G11 (thanks to my bro above) and spent lots of time running after my Mum who had a blast with her new found mobility freedom.

I've talked to the animals....

.....and swung from the trees, but now it's time to move on. Toodles for now!

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Leedslass said...

So glad you feel nourished, refreshed and renewed after your home visit - brother and I are worn out! LOL. You won't be sorry to hear that today's weather temperature is 3 degrees! I drove down Gledhow Valley Road yesterday and the leaves were falling already and making a colourful carpet - oh Lord, it's the start of autumn.