Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in the Engadin.

I was excited as soon as I touched down in Zurich, not only because I knew what was coming, but because my spirits rose at the mere fact of being in this wonderful country. Taking one of the most spectacular train rides in Europe didn't exactly dampen my mood either!

The weather was amazing, so from Tiefencastel I  hung my head out of the window like a happy dog. Christ, you'd better watch out though, as there's not room for your head, hand and camera as you go in to the tunnels!

Tantalizingly close.

16:58 arrival 17:58 weisen! 

Renata greeted me at the station with a perfect plastic lei and we made more noise at seeing each other than the rest of the disembarking passengers put together! While she got organized for an appointment with a client, I dropped my suitcase off and promptly proceeded back out the door with Mel. We took a brisk 40 minute walk from our nest in Champfer around the lake and ordered the beer we had been planning on for months. 

No photograph I've yet taken has caught the magical beauty of this place (though you might want to double click on this one). It's special and has a potent and tangible energy that I feel in full affinity with.

If you have to be a cow, you'd be hard pressed to pick a better spot to graze on.

As we sat on top of the world, my hostess and wonderful friend Renata pointed out all the places she has hiked, skied and climbed in her last 25 years in the Engadin Valley. Let me tell you, she's been a busy girl and knows this place like the back of her hand, yet is still is enthralled by it's magnificence and finds new trails and peaks to explore. Suffice to say I'm in good hands.


GW Bill Miller said...

The mountain scenery in Switzerland is so spectacular. Enjoy, enjoy!

Sharon said...

I am - I am!

Leedslass said...

Wow, no wonder you couldn't wait to get to your next destination. Glad you were rested at home and all ready for Adventure No.2.