Saturday, September 01, 2012


"It will be a long day" said Mel, as we packed our backpacks with sunscreen, snacks and water. We left at 9:15 am and cycled a quick half hour to pick up Montana and Tanya before heading over to Pontresina and meeting up with Nadine and the fabby Fabia.

I thought my happy meter was high when we cycled from Champfer to St. Moritz, but it just kept rising as we proceeded in to the valley.

Bloody hell, are you kidding me?

A couple of hours later and it was time to lock the bikes, have a quick snack and start walking up to our goal which was the base of the Tschierva glacier. The weather was spectacular and the views exceptional.

The trail is clear and cut into the valley hillside, but after a while the ascent steepens and does not let up. As I walked (head down focusing on each step) it was easy to forget the stunning surroundings. Living at sea level I'm not used to altitude, so as we were heading to 2584 meters I took many a banana, water and photo op break.

Still a long way to go with my happy meter hovering at a nine!

I'd have probably cut 20 minutes off my fat two hours ascent if I hadn't been taking so many photo's!

Hallelujah-made it !

Let me tell you, the Tschierva hut was a very welcome end as I was ready to stop, rest, pee and eat (not necessarily in that order).

As with all things Swiss, there is always an incredible meal to be had as a reward for your effort. This is Rossti, a traditional dish of potatoes and eggs. Sounds simple enough, but the taste was exceptional. Oh and I'll have a slice of plum pie and a latte while I'm at it please! 

While it was the end of the road for our party, this is start for many who are serious climbers.

I can see the allure and pull to go deep.

.....but it's not my thing and I certainly don't have the right footwear.

Fed and watered, we were ready for the decent.

Just one more shot before we was a hard to leave, but as it was already 3:15pm we pushed back down giving our quads a good workout.

By 6pm we were home and starving and poor Mel had just enough time to eat and shower before giving a 7pm massage! By 8pm we'd all cleaned up and reconvened (looking quite different in heals and lipstick) for a self congratulatory bottle of wine (or two) and finally tip toed in at two minutes past midnight. The German was right, it was a long day!


Leedslass said...

Wow, this really is a different holiday. However, I'm glad to see Red's tutelage in taking water piccies (a la Harlow Carr) came to the fore in the waterfall shot - only difference is size:-) Fabby pictures and lucky Ollie (?)surrounded by a group of lovelies.
You only made one Freudian slip with the spelling - heels, rather than heals - perhaps plasters were required to wear the heels after all that walking?

Meesh said...