Sunday, September 09, 2012


Just five minutes walk from Renata and Oly's home is a vast forest filled with trails and lakes. The paths snake through nature in every direction and there's always a feeling of safety thanks to the signs along the way and, well.....the fact that it's Switzerland.

It was a wet chilly afternoon and having been kept in by the rain all day, it was good to get out and breath some fresh air and just walk.

This way please........

Even in the damp, it's the stuff of fairies and unicorns. This quiet and peaceful place with it's rag-tag elegant nature made me want to sit and contemplate just as much as walk and explore.

Luckily my hostess is a gear head and has a jacket for all seasons, so I was warm and toasty. It made me think that as with anything, if you're equipped properly the task at hand is more enjoyable.

The wet days also provided an excuse to go to town and explore. This exclusive apartment building (nicknamed 'the peanut') had the old timers get their alpine horns in a twist, as it's not exactly in keeping with its next door neighbor, see 'exhibit A' below.

I love the teeny window on the left and the arched frame of the triplets next to it.

And always there's a lake, sublime even on a (fifty shades of) grey day.

This exclamation point made me chuckle as it appeared to be a sign with random punctuation on it and no explanation what to be to be aware of.

Have I mentioned recently how beautiful this place is?

Time to put the kettle on again, Toblerone anyone?


Leedslass said...

Not for me thankyou, I'm trying to give Toblerone up:-) Fabulous photographs and how right you are, that wood looks as though it should be full of fairy folk.

GW Bill Miller said...

85 srightsh
Enough beautiful photos for a dozen blogs. Switzerland is truly a beautiful place. I have been there several times but never for long enough. The tiny window in your cottage is probably the loo. :)