Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Seasonal change.

Another day, another ride, another fantastic view. As we rode, the girls pointed out their winter world, where their clients live, how crazy it can be to commute in the snow and it was hard to imagine the place covered in white.

However, as luck would have it the next day as the kettle boiled I drew back the curtains this is what I saw-it had snowed! I was like a kid on Christmas morning "look, look, look what it did" I said, to no one in particular as the vision of  my friends other world was manifest before my very eyes.


We waited for a small window of opportunity (namely for it to stop raining) to go out and play. Not five minutes from the house I had to jump off the bike and express myself.

Renata (the pro) jumps as if she has her snowboard attached to her feet.

The clouds were ominous and we rode into a beautiful valley where we were both itching to proceed. "If you go to the little white dot of a hotel in the distance and then go left" Renata said "it's amazing". Aghhhhh, but that ride will have to wait for another time

It was starting to rain and we knew it wouldn't let up, so when your guide says it's best to go home there was no argument (more a sigh of relief) from me. Cold, wet and facing a head wind we headed out of the valley and decided to take the bus home.

With a 50 minute wait we parked our bikes and headed in for a wonderful coffee and the best nusstorte and maroni torte (made from chestnuts) I'd ever tasted.  My fingers slowly thawed as I held my cup and we stood dripping and happy making 'mmmmmmmm' noises with every bite and slurp.

Even in the wet and chill the array of bright flowers makes things cheery somehow better,

At home, Renata got the fire going and the tea brewing. All I had to do was shower, recieve and enjoy. We could easily have stayed home for a cozy night in, but as luck would have it Renata had won a certificate to one of the best restaurants in town that had to be used up by next week.

Joined by her wonderful friend Uli we had a truly marvelous gourmet evening followed by a braulio amaro...divine!

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Leedslass said...

Well the braulio amaro sounds find if I only knew what it meant!! Lovely set of pictures and descriptions - from my point of view, I'm glad you didn't get rain like that when you were in England. Love that window box house - very paintable.

Bummer that your chum just had to have a gourmet meal you just HAD to eat. I wonder how many pounds you've managed to gain on this holiday?