Saturday, September 29, 2012

A distant memory.

Was I really here? I've been back on Maui for three weeks and it feels like I never left!

Anyway...Renata craved the sun, "do you get car sick?", she asked before leaving and you can see why! With the windows rolled down just incase I spewed my guts,  we zoomed down the hill and headed into Italy.

Once over the border the contrast in countries was instantly apparent. As we marveled at the change in architecture I snapped away at this lovely house, only seeing the owner (where's Mario?) as we drove off, waving and "bellisima-ing" as we left.

 One reason not to live at the bottom of a mountain.

Nuts, whole hazelnuts ohhhh, Cadburys take then and they cover then in chocolate!

Pretty stuff.

Renata (dehydrated from all the driving) quenches her thirst.

Then needed to go for a pee, so I tried on the Euro glasses....christ almighty-what not to wear!

We cruised our way around Lake Garda checking out the local windsurf spots, and it made me realize how lucky I am to sail on Maui. Some were kinda dirty and uninviting and as beautiful as the lake was, I found myself glad that Kanaha is my base camp.

That being said, lunch was divine and a thousand times better than anything I could find in Kahului!

After lunch we laid in the sun and watched the world go by. As the afternoon wore on we wandered into town thinking we wanted an ice cream, but were afraid it would send us to sleep on the drive home. So instead we had a fresh orange juice which (while seeming like a good idea at the time) made us feel bloated and slightly sick- shoulda gone for the gelato!

One last look at the lake and the lone intrepid sailor before heading back to CH.......

.......but not before we pick up some pasta for dinner. Buon appetito!

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Leedslass said...

Wow, what scenery and I do hope no one was in the doghouse (shed) when that boulder fell!!!
That looks like a scrummy lunch Renata was about to eat BEFORE taking your photograph (I know you hate having your picture taken):-)
Beautiful pictures and lucky you to have "been there and done that".
Re. your Cadbury's advert, thanks a lot - I can't get the wretched tune out of my head now..........