Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.

I sat on the hill at Hookipa in the early afternoon to watch the world go by and there's never a dull moment. Between sets my attention was sandwiched between watching the grass grow and observing Michelle paint her first watercolor since turning double digits, it was riveting entertainment all round!
I didn't eat one, but spot the turkey here!
'Mo bettah brah.
This was the late afternoon view from Buddahs house where I had drinks with friends which was delightful. And finally, to top off my American holiday I served my home made minestrone soup to two sets of trust worthy Italian taste buds and this was the unanimous review. Salute!


mater70 said...

As always, beautiful pictures and witty comments.

Re. the minestrone soup picture - that's almost gurning from your Itahi friend. Glad you're keeping up the Paley tradition of being a good cook - you were well taught :-)

Sharon said...

I make a mean beans on toast too!