Monday, November 20, 2006

Play time.

This was a big day at Kahalui Harbor & as you can see it's not the cleanest body of water on Maui, but it’s still a playground for many and rarely busy as many choose less polluted palces to play. Better have the hydrogen peroxide ready!
Saturday. This little left was perfect for me (and the dude on his oc1) and I paddled out to the far right bouy a little spooked and a little exhilerated being the only one on the break. I'm tough to please, too many people out and I don't want to go and be in the way (occupational hazzard of being a steering impaired surfer), no one out and I wonder what do they know I don't? All together now....everything!!

There are a bunch of local kids that shred the little bowl that forms by the harbor's like a mini Teahpoo and completely addictive to watch.


mater70 said...

What's a Teahpoo? Not sure if I've remembered how to spell it but you know what I mean.
Is this the harbour from where we sailed to whale watch? If so, it didn't appear to have a pollution problem - explain please.

meesh said...

hopefully you bathed in hydrogen peroxide afterwards!! looks fun though, and not often you get a break to yourself in Hawaii no matter the size, or condition of the waves (and water!!!)

Sharon said...

Mater70:-Here's surflines explanation; Tahiti's Teahupoo (pronounced cho-pu) is essentially a glorified closeout -- a hideous, deadly barrel promising a heap of trouble for even the most capable of surfers.

OK-so comparing Kahului Harbor to this is a bit of a stretch, work with me! FYI we went out from Maalea Harbor which has another wicked wave with the right conditions.

cammar said...


I'm impressed by your wave knowledge... you must have a good surf mentor.

mater70 said...

Thanks for the explanation - not sure I'm a lot wiser but, there again, I am older and have a wonderful excuse :-)