Friday, January 18, 2008

Big yellow taxi.

A few weeks ago I went to a spot that I love not only for its beauty, but also its solitude. There’s always a few peeps around doing their thing but I wasn’t expecting to see the number of tourists that ventured off the beaten path to spock out the spot. I noticed it made me a bit pouty as they just didn’t seem to fit the vibe of the place. As a local truck pulled up thumping reggae and finding no where to park, I quickly had my reality turned around as I’m sure for them I was as much a part of their ‘choke tourist’ observation as anyone else.

What a drag to have your secret playground found out, become over crowded, sign posted, put into guide books, recommended by concierge, gated and finally built on.

I wrestle with this point as I’m part of the problem I gripe about. I didn’t grow up here yet after nearly 19 years on the rock my heart breaks at the lightning speed of change and growth. I own a house here on what used to be pristine land and my business contributes to tourists showing up where I think they don't belong! Who am I to stick out my bottom lip as I live the good life?

Still, Joni Mitchel had it right...


Anonymous said...

Interesting and profound comment - can't have your cake and eat it or share and share alike come to mind.
At the end of the day you can go to your "private" spot any time you want - visitors get to see it for a few moments.

Mind you, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, enlarged on screen that sand looks rather mucky to me.
A bit of beachcombing is in order:-)

Mater x

cammar said...

Nice post and nice very appropriate song (which I never heard). Thanks!

Next time you go to a place like that, instead of mentally comparing it to how it was a few years ago, try to compare it to how it will be in a few years (i.e. a lot worse)....
You'll enjoy it more!

Remember, it can always be worse... and in this case it will!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you've never heard "Big Yellow Taxi" GP - it's been around since the 70s or 80s (in other words, for ever).
For an Italian, very wise comments. I have to say I feel sorry for people with young children - what are those youngsters going to inherit?
Mater x

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Mater: I believe they’ll inherit a world without polar icecaps, ferocious and unpredictable weather patterns and shortages of food and water. Still, maybe the scarcity of the planets natural resources will trigger a whole new consciousness & accountability that most of the current 6.6 billion population doesn’t have.

Something has to give, the planet or the people…. and personally I think the planets taken more than its share of knocks. It’s our turn to put our best effort forward into undoing the catastrophe that we started.

Jesus- who gave me the soap box to stand on?!

Cammar: You are right-gotta keep things in perspective and remember they haven't yet paved all of paradise with a parking lot.

TulsaGentleman said...

I have been in the hospital for a week and am catching up on my favorite blogs of which yours is one.

Here in Northeastern Oklahoma are some beautiful wooded areas which look out over the Illinois River. There were pristine spots where I took my Boy Scout troop 30 years ago to camp and hike and never see another soul all weekend.

Now most of the area is fenced off and spotted with condominiums.
To me it is a sad loss but to those in the condos it is their own personal paradise.

It is the nature of the world to change, so who is to say if that's right or wrong. It was there when my sons were growing up and they have memories of those times and places which can never be taken away. I am just grateful it was there when they were able to experience it.

Thanks for the Joni Mitchell clip. It reminds me of a gentler timewhen I was just out of college and knew much more than I do now.

Sharon said...

TG: Sorry to hear of your hospitalization, but recuperation is a great time to organize your digital photos!