Thursday, January 03, 2008

Never apologize for your art!

So who's on your fridge?


Anonymous said...

I've got a statue of David (on the left) and I never have any worries when I dust him.

Re. the one on the right I heard, many years ago, that when erect, there was not a lot of difference in erect length to flaccid length. Now I'm quite sure there are a lot of liars amongst your male readers who are more than happy to correct me on that belief.

Over to you boys.

Mater x
P.S. good start to the New Year site:-)

Ely from NYC said...


I'm beginning to think you are a male homosexual trapped in a woman's body...but there's nothing wrong with that! I'm not sure if I like the idea of associating men with food, though. Better than wallpapering your bathroom with these pictures, I guess?

See you in a few weeks!


Sharon said...

Oh Mater; now who’s telling fibs?! Purporting to only have heard rumors and hearsay about the male anatomy….now I know your memory isn’t what it was, but you can’t goad us on this one!

Ely-clearly you must have used the ‘guest’ bathroom!

one-hung-dood said...

judging from the size of that "fig leaf" covering gp' must be hung!

10? or 11?

Anonymous said...

OHD, that fascinated me too so I got my magnifying glass out and I reckon he's been at the fairy liquid washing up soap to get into that big a lather and fool all those viewing. If you really want to know check out the size of his feet or hands - I bet they're minute!
Dare you bare all GP?
Mater x
I take that back, knowing you "yes you dare".

I cannot believe I am viewing this at 4.30a.m. being Sleepless in Leeds. Pity poor me.........

meesh said...

I like the way GP is eyeballing the other dudes unit. It looks like he's the homosexual in this case... tho he will beg to differ with plenty of evidence to back up his story I know!

Lano said...

no comment.....I feel inadequate!

Sharon said...

Lano: Mate-where ya been? We missed ya :-)

Meesh: Oh Jesus-don't tempt 'the dood' to pull out his little book of shagadelic statistics! post please!

Lano said...

Ive been sailing....see you in July!