Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trash, twins and hitchhikers.

Today as I turned left at the bottom of my road there was a spotty youth with a skate board waiting for a ride. My truck was full front & back so despite momentary eye contact the second I passed him I thought “I should have offered him a lift”. I checked my rear view mirror and was greeted with him earnestly giving me both fingers! I kept driving as he started to skate and then decided to pull over and wait. “Hey you need a ride” I asked “sure” said the spotted youth and I rearranged all my shit to make room for him. Once he settled in I declared “You gave me both fingers, so I figured the least I could do was offer you a ride and give you the opportunity to change your opinion of me”! Poor sod – he squirmed in his seat more than I expected him to, offering up excuses for his bad manners which, credit where it’s due were actually quite good manners!

BTW-if you’re searching for a connection between the photo and the story, there is none! The birds were just waiting for the table to be cleared at a restaurant in San Francisco...

And now for a total non sequitur, a few weeks ago in a horrible case of double jeopardy I glibly purchased my groceries only to remember (when it was too late) that I’d forgotten my handy reusable grocery bag. I guiltily accepted the evil plastic offered to me by the bagging dude. “Please put everything in one bag ” I requested as (momentarily distracted) I paid for my stuff.

As I reached to pick up the thing that wouldn’t disintegrate for a million years the bagging dude said “It was kinda heavy – so I doubled bagged for you” Ahhhhhhhhh!

Talking of trash, this is the kind you get at Kanaha.....

Ah-ha now there’s a link..... so talking of Kanaha look at this lovely happy little chappy playing in the sand there last week. He’s part of set of beautiful twin boys and I really must ask his Mum for her e-mail next time I see her so I can pass this on.


Anonymous said...

My God how brave (or stupid) of you to give a lift to a hitchhiker.
Do not DARE do that if you come home this year. England is becoming a land of knife-wielding yobs who appear to prey on the innocent. That's probably an over-exageration but one reads almost daily about knife attacks.
Re. picture 2: that reminds me of a nursery rhyme of two little dicky birds sitting on a wall, one called Peter one called Paul. I know full well it's not apposite cos you've got an extra one and a half birds in your picture but that's what immediately came to mind. (It's taken me all day to remember said rhyme)!!!!
Picture No.3 is totally delightful which would have been made better by having t'other twin in the frame.
Mater x

meesh said...

love the hitchhicker story. it's different here mater, though the majority of the people I pick up are only fit for the back of the truck as they leave their odor in my truck for weeks!! Anyway, good for your Shaz for confronting the spotty bugger on his sign language - funny as shit! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG Meesh, I think you are SO brave to put up with BO in your truck. Mind you, people may well think that about the odour of my Opium perfume when they get into my car!!! At least, I hope it's my Opium!
Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: BO isn’t a problem as we’ve all been anesthetized thanks to GP!