Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a natural.

When it comes to water sports, a gifted athlete I’m not! In spite of this handicap, I still manage to have heaps of fun playing in the shallow end and at my own speed.





Anonymous said...

That's really clever BUT, to do it correctly, remember to point the left foot before drowning.

Mater x

Cerebral Itch said...

I knew I'd seen that choreography before

the 5:00 mark on the video should explain it all.

Do they teach all British kids that move?

Anonymous said...

Please tell us all you did that... on purpose! Your slapstick streak, bursting to the surface... again.

Anonymous said...

I strongly take you to task Anonymous - Sharon's father and I paid good money to get her privately tutored to that standard.
Ignore the rude people Sharon who think you're doing slapstick on purpose - you and I know this is your absolute top ability. Do you still need to wear your panty liners because of the fear factor?
A manoeuvre only a mother could love.
Mater x

Anonymous said...

Meant to tell you, I've put your name down for the London 2012 Olympics. Don't think you're quite ready for Beijing.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Despite my mothers misguided desires for me to acquire Eddie the Eagle

type fame and fortune, yes, I was goofing around. Still, standing on one leg on a stand up board proved harder than I’d expected....

CI: Despite the best British schooling, clearly I'm still working on keeping my legs together.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that at your age it's too late to learn that particular legs together movement Sharon.

I've certainly never been able to master it - like Mother like daughter?

Mater x

Anonymous said...

That's great
surf dancing... the second picture exhibiting a great ballerina somewhat split ..


Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Having seen the picture of you balanced tippy-toe atop a yoga ball, I should think that a wide stable floating platform would present no problem. What gives?

PS. FINALLY, after being a reader of your blog nearly from its inception, I've figured out what "kinel" is all about. Wash your blog out with soap, young lady! Are these the standards all those private tutors have given you?


Sharon said...

Good grief Lim, those Noosa peeps know how to party and that sooooo could have been you!

‘Kinel Anon-what took you so long to figure it out the expletive-lemme guess, you're of American decent?!

Buzz said...


GP blocked all comments on his blog. Tell him he is da MAN! Keep up the Rastaman vibe!

Just don't hoard all the Mowee Wowee!