Saturday, February 16, 2008

People watching at Kanaha.

Big people.

Little people.

Bent over people.

Excited people. Seeing his girlfiend leash up, bent over's boyfriend got a big woody (although technically I guess that’s his big epoxy)!

As an aside, there’s a little tool that appraises the education level required to read your blog. Hysterically and perhaps with a little too much credit after this post, mine rates at Elementary School level !


Anonymous said...

That is brilliantly observed and so funny. Loved your insightfulness on the big and little people - I'm saying nothing about the other two as I didn't really understand!!!!!!!!

What examination board judges the standards of the posts - let me at 'em and I'll have a word in their shell likes. Bah humbug say I, they don't understand English humour.

Mater x

meesh said...

hilarious post, If witty and funny posts = elementary reading,... what's the attraction for college level blogs?

Anonymous said...

Well said Meesh. Mint Aero boxed and ready for the postoffice.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Just love that first picture - they're like a pair of book ends - absolutely made for each other.
Hope their bed is strengthened for their combined (active) weight.
That thought brings so many pictures to mind..........

Mater x

Anonymous said...

The woman in the bikini - is she single?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your unique view and commentary on the surounding environment. You say elementary I say observant and creative.

I want to say, THANK YOU!!!!!!
All these guys that have blogs in warm beach destinations and you are the one to post a bikini photo.

Dont get me wrong I enjoy reading about all the surfing and windsurfing posts from the others.
But I have to say, the eye candy is welcome, especially since it is 30 degrees outside and it will be months before we see any swimsuits on the beach here.

Sharon said...

No insightfulness-just reporting it as I see it!

Wow- you won a mint aero for your elementary humor, wonder what you’d get at the college level?!

Anon 1: Bikini girl and big board man were definitely together, but who knows maybe he’s just a lovely brother?!

Anon 2: Blimey- there are surf/windsurf blogs without T & A?! I’ll see what I can so to raise your temperature a few more degrees :-)

Anonymous said...

Listen daughter dear, if I want to boast about your having insightfulness then I shall. You have an "eye" to make the ordinary different so take praise from this proud Mater and just accept meekly.

Mater x
P.S. when's your next post?