Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sea and biscuits anyone?

You lucky bastards.......

When I first moved to America my friend Jules and I ate and drank right through our two year traveling savings in one month! Ah yes, food-the great grounding cord. Interestingly, I once heard it said that when people emigrate the last thing they let go of above all else (even ritual & language) is food. Which I guess would explain all the Paki shops in England, but I digress....

I can attest to this piece of random trivia because even after 27 years just the thought of good crumbly Cheshire cheese and a pikelet makes me salivate. I recently discovered a shop on Maui that stocks real Heinz baked beans (the staple diet of all British kids) and greedily grabbed six (yes six) large cans as if bloody rationing had just ended! I even called Meesh to let her know I’d hit the mother load but simultaneously felt mildly concerned that the more people who knew about the stash, stocks may be drastically depleted. Lord knows that would be a scene, having gorged myself on can number six only to find the store shelf empty and only having spilled the beans (as it were) to ONE person!

Anyway, my Mum has always been gracious enough to ship my food parcels half way around the world like a conscientious Red Cross volunteer. She even was kind enough recently to ship said crumbly Cheshire cheese which unfortunately (though not surprisingly) arrived in my warm climate as a curdled unappetizing mass. As a treat she also includes a bicies.

So back to our lucky bastards at the beginning of my tale. Bad weather in UK (surprise) caused a ship to hit a sandbank off the Blackpool coast in England and spill some of it’s cargo into the briny which washed ashore. People...this is not just any ordinary freight, this is the mother of all choccy bicies, the McVities digestive!
With thanks to the Lancashire Evening Post for their pithy headline and report on the choccy horror show! Said one man in Leeds 'McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives now come with added salt'.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to save money and hotfoot it to Blackpool and go looting the beach so I can send shoeboxes of biccies out to Maui. For those uninitiated I raid the local shoe shop and beg for empty boxes: McVities fit beautifully - snug as a bug in a rug. The only problem is postage BUT, joy of joys, no more sending Heinz baked beans - the cost of sending those eats into my old age pension. All together now Ahhhhh.

Lovely entry Sharon - that story filled the newspapers. Thank God you don't need any planks of wood.
That cargo washed up on the Essex coast so I reckon people in east England will be having garden sheds galore.

I have to say it: these shipwrecks are all alleged to be down to global warming. All I can say is it's been bloody freezing in England. Oh to be in Maui, now that February's here :-)

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Oops, that should be western England. A bit early in the a.m. for my geography.


Sharon said...

Mater: From what I've read the biccies are all soggy and the gulls are the only looters having any fun?!

Maui so far this February is no fantasy's still raining.

Lano said...

Anyone for a game of Soggy Biscuit? Anyone?

meesh said...

What's up with all these ship wrecks then? Wasn't it just a few weeks/months ago that another cargo ship spilled it's load .... which upon hearing about the misfortune, the great British public all jumped in their vehicles and took off in search of loot. ummm (licking my lips), just finished off my second of 5 beans tins. Word is on the street my friend and it's every bean lover for themselves! Just kidding, help yourself to my stock whilst I'm away - you know where the key is!

Anonymous said...

That one was real paradise to beachcombers everywhere. From motor cycles to disposable nappies - it gives another meaning to the word "disposable" doesn't it? That particular wreck brought people from all over the country and great glee to those who nicked the goods. If any of you out there have bought Huggies on Ebay then it's almost certain they came from that wreck. Make sure you have plenty of soothing cream for your baby's bum:-)

Mater x